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November 2016 Blog Income Report

November 2016 Blog Income Report Below is my income for November. I am not including any affiliates where I did not reach the minimum payout and was not paid this month. I am also not including PayPal fees, so the amounts below are net (after fees were taken). Advertising – $71.17 TapInfluence – $50 iConnect – […] Read more…

September 2016 Blog Income Report

September 2016 Blog Income Report This quarter has seemed to decrease with every month, but I am optimistic. The holidays are approaching, so sponsored opportunities should pick up. I have also been busy this month in my personal life, which basically just means I got to see my long-distance boyfriend a lot, so no complaints there. 🙂 […] Read more…

Augsut 2016 Blog Income Report

August 2016 Blog Income Report This was a really slow month for me! Hopefully advertising and sponsored posts will pick up in the coming months, especially with it being time to start thinking about the holidays. I picked up a really awesome ambassadorship for Tampax that will pay nicely in the coming months. Below is my […] Read more…

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