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10 Assets In The Home You Could Sell To Finance Renovations 

If you’re decluttering your home in the hopes of selling items to finance renovations, there are a few high-value items you should be looking for. It is important to consider whether selling items of high value for renovations will be a worthwhile trade, particularly for things of sentimental value.  

You should always have assets valued by an independent assessor to ensure that you ask for a fair price when selling. Do your own research to find out what prices similar items in similar conditions are selling for.  


Jewelry is a common and valuable item found in most households. Get your jewelry valued to ensure it is worth selling and invest in documentation proving its authenticity. Set the price realistically to ensure interest and visit local pawnshops and jewelers to find buyers.  


Research the makers of the watches you own to identify whether they will be worth money. Consider selling on eBay or listing it at a consignment store. Ensure the watch is in good condition, cleaned and in good working order.  

Antique Furniture 

Take your antique furniture to appraisers at vintage markets to see if it will be worth money. Keep antique furniture in good condition to fetch the best price. Consider buying and restoring antiques to sell for profit to fund your renovations.  


Good quality, working bicycles can sell for a profit. Take your bikes for a service and clean them before listing them.  


Silverware can be worth good money depending on the current price of silver. Ensure that it is properly cleaned and polished and get an independent valuation for the craftmanship. Find out the silver spot price from the United States Gold Bureau for an idea of the value of your silverware.  


Consider selling additional unwanted vehicles to raise cash for your renovations. Look for cheaper alternatives to driving like carpooling, walking or cycling. Consider selling your car and buying a cheaper alternative.  


Find out the worth of any artwork in your home. Research the artists to find their value and talk to art dealerships about the artwork in your possession.  


Get electronics like digital cameras, phones and laptops refurbished and sell them for a competitive price. Any electronics that cannot be refurbished sell for parts.  

Designer Clothes 

Sell designer clothes and handbags for a profit to collectors and enthusiasts. Keep designer items in good condition and get them dry cleaned before selling. Look for new designer items from consignment stores and thrift shops that you could sell for a profit.  

Garage Sale 

If you have many smaller worth items to sell, consider having a garage sale to help raise funds for your renovations. Price fairly and be prepared to haggle with buyers. Ensure you clean up items for sale to attract buyers.  

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.