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10 Budget-Friendly Tips To Spruce Up Your Apartment 

Living an apartment does not mean that you are destined to be surrounded by dull and boring walls forever, even if you are on a tight a limited budget. Using a few budget-friendly tips, spruce up your apartment, make the most out of your space, and turn your living space into a reflection of your own style and personality with ease.

1. Freshen Up the Paint

If possible, freshen up your apartment by adding a fresh coat of paint to each of your walls. If your apartment has not been recently painted, it can help with brightening up the space while also providing you with an opportunity to add a splash of color while creating the atmosphere you desire. Always be sure to verify that you have permission to paint walls when renting an apartment unit, as not all landlords allow this or may require an additional fee to do so as the current tenant.

2. Declutter

Spend time decluttering your apartment to completely transform its look and feel. When living in a small or cramped apartment, you are likely to create clutter over time as you acquire new possessions, furniture, or household decor items. Take the time to declutter your apartment with storage totes, boxes, or even by renting a local storage unit.

Another way to help with expediting the process of decluttering your apartment is to create three piles for your belongings: keep, sell, and donate. Hosting a yard sale or selling your old and outdated belongings online is another way to not only clear space in your apartment, but it is also a way to earn money in the process. Decluttering provides you with more room to work with and also allows you to implement a more modern and minimalistic way of living.

3. Update Existing Furniture

Avoid overspending on new furniture for your apartment by refurbishing and updating current furniture items you own. Spend time repainting and restaining wooden furniture while refurbishing sofas, chairs, and couches with material to match your apartment’s new theme and look. Renovating outdated furniture is not only a way for you to save money when sprucing up your apartment, but it provides a great opportunity to get creative with unique results that are truly one-of-a-kind.

4. Use Custom Photo Throw Pillows

Looking for a fun way to spruce up your apartment on a limited budget? Consider having custom photo throw pillows created for each room throughout your apartment. Print your favorite memories or photos you have taken on photos to insert yourself into every space in your apartment without breaking your budget.

5. The Importance of Rugs

Adding a modern rug into your apartment can help to complete the look and feel of your space, depending on the theme you are trying to implement. Whether you have a love for oriental rugs, shaggy rugs, or modern patterns, there are rugs available for all tastes and styles. If you want to save money while purchasing a rug for your apartment, consider searching online for discounts or using social media group marketplaces to discover rugs near you at a discounted price.

6. Add Tapestries to Your Walls

Tapestries can help bring a room to life, regardless of its size. Tapestries are often large pieces of fabric that have been printed with a pattern, image, or design. Using a tapestry on a large wall in your apartment is a great way to draw attention to the area or to highlight additional decor you currently have in its space.

Investing in tapestries is not expensive and is affordable on just about any budget. It is also possible to design and create your very own tapestries if you are familiar with sewing and working with a variety of fabrics and materials.

7. Make Your Own DIY Bar Cart

One way to spruce up and develop a welcoming, modern space in your apartment without overspending or breaking the bank is to create your very own DIY bar cart. A DIY bar cart is a cart that is used to stock and manage your current alcohol selection, glasses for your guests, and even an ice bucket for those who prefer their drinks chilled.

Creating your own DIY bar cart is possible by using a table or cart on wheels or by seeking out a used cart at a local thrift store. Paint, spray paint, or even resin your DIY bar cart to better reflect the current color scheme in your kitchen or living room area. Add decorations and choose glassware that is reflective of the theme and aesthetic you are going for in your apartment while sticking to your budget.

8. Update Light Fixtures and Lampshades

Update the light fixtures and lampshades throughout your apartment for an inexpensive DIY project that is sure to transform the space. Lighting fixtures can be funky, modern, or minimalistic depending on your preferences and personal style. A new lampshade can completely transform the look, feel, and overall aesthetic of a room, especially if the lamp base itself is unique and reflective of your own personality.

9. Go Vertical

Going vertical with floating shelves is one of the best and most inexpensive ways to spruce up an apartment with any budget. Vertical storage is highly recommended in any apartment, especially apartments with limited space and square footage. Vertical space is a way to keep clutter at a minimum while allowing you to maintain ownership of your belongings and most prized possessions.

10. Create Artwork for Every Room

If you enjoy being creative, love to paint, and love to create wall decor, consider making artwork for each room in your apartment. Once you have chosen a theme for each room or wall in your apartment, create the artwork that best matches your furniture, tapestries, and other household decor items you have chosen to put on display.

Sprucing up your apartment should not feel stressful, tedious, or financially daunting, even if you are already on a limited budget. With a bit of planning, brainstorming, and creativity, create the apartment space of your dreams with just a few tweaks.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.