10 Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts

Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts

Your kids will love these turkey crafts for Thanksgiving. Help you children make their own turkey with these 10 cute turkey ideas.

Rock Turkeys by Crafty Morning
Pinecone Turkeys by We Made That
Kleenex Box Turkeys by Meaningful Mama
Paper Bag Turkey Puppets by Gumdrops and Glue Sticks
Clothespin Turkeys by Stir the Wonder
Pom Pom Turkeys by Mom on Timeout
Stained Glass Turkeys by Meaningful Mama
Coffee Filter Turkeys by Buggy & Buddy
Beaded Turkeys by School Time Snippets
Yogurt Cup Turkeys by Frogs Snails & Puppy Dog Tails


Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts

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