Looking for a super goofy hilarious Christmas gift this year? You know, the kind that makes everyone laugh so much that they pee their pants? Well, we’ve found the perfect goofy Christmas gifts for sides splitting fun at this year’s AU Christmas sales. Get ready for a wild ride!

Top 25 Crazy Goofy Christmas Presents! 

Want to be the life of the party this year? Then check out this incredible list of nutty holiday ideas. From crazy socks for kids and adults to a real book about crafting cat hair, I guarantee you will find the most unforgettable insane holiday surprise for this year’s Christmas exchange.

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  1. Holiday-themed toilet seat, enough said.
  2. The incredible book Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicraft to Make with Your Cat.
  3. Subtle Butt Fart Pads prevent the odour of last night’s Indian dinner from filling the room with the subtle aromas of curry-flavoured flatulence.
  4. Let the man in your life know that you appreciate him. Get him outrageous rainbow polka dot trunks from Happy Socks! 
  5. The Horse Head Squirrel Feeder is a squirrel feeder with a fake horse head for unlimited laughs when you look out the window each morning.
  6. Grumpy Notebooks give you the chance to chart your Daily Disappointments, Things that Annoy Me, and Fresh Rants. Perfect for the office or home.
  7. The Hot Dog Homestead is what happens if you wanted a Lincoln Log set you can eat. 
  8. Are you bored in the bathroom? No worries. The Talking Toilet Paper Spindle will keep you company. 
  9. Every office needs a Crazy Skate Co. Joey Glow Skooter with Rainbow wheels. No excuses to be late to the office again! 
  10. Happy Socks Rolling Stones Out of Control Socks brings a smile every time. 
  11. What to do when you have to put down your taco but don’t want the delicious meat to spill out? No fear! The Dino Taco is here. The handy Jurassic tacos help you devour delicious Mexican tacos mess-free. 
  12. Be elegant. Be sophisticated. Get your friends a Bathroom Guest Book. 
  13. Have a lazy friend, like a really lazy friend that can’t even bother to sweep away crumbs after lunch? Then a Mini-Desk Vacuum is a perfect way to tidy up those bothersome sandwich crumbs. 
  14. A super POP-ular Christmas gift is the Bubble Wrap Calendar where you pop the days away. 
  15. Try a truly delicious treat with novelty Bacon Band-Aids. 
  16. Need to buy a gift for the person who has everything? Then go with Dehydrated Water. 100% Organic and BPA Free, add a little water to Dehydrated Water for a refreshing drink. 
  17. Hoping to truly shock your friends this year with the gift that keeps giving? Then bring Shocktato. This hilarious funny game is like if Hot Potato happened during a lightning storm. Truly Electrifying!
  18. Toilet shaped coffee mug. Self-explanatory. 
  19. Is your spouse a little stressed this year? Then get the Stress Buster Desktop punching ball. Now they can get out their frustration conveniently without ever standing up. 
  20. The Pizza Pouch necklace allows the pizza lover in your life to store their pizza in a safe, sterile place during parties. 
  21. LightSaber chopsticks, for when you want to join the cosmic Rebellion but also want Ramen. 
  22. Don’t ever forget the classic Umbrella Hat! Great for all weather! 

    IMAGE: https://pixabay.com/photos/dog-christmas-gifts-pet-funny-4712928/

  23. Dog Butt magnets remind you of your furry friends. Available in Pug butt, Dalmatian Butt, and Poodle Butt. Hydrant magnet sold separately. 
  24. Handemonium tiny hands party game will make you laugh.
  25. Need relaxation after a crazy year? Yearning for solace and calm. Then use your earwax to make a soothing candle with the Earwax Candle Kit. 

Make your friends guffaw this Christmas with these zany, crazy and very real Christmas gifts! 

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