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3 Creative Ways To Save On Your Income

Whether you’re trying to refurbish or buy a house, a car, or just pay for a lavish holiday, we’re all wondering how we can save up enough money to pay for it, but do so, in the shortest amount of time. That’s not an easy task to accomplish. Or is it? Well, it may be easier than you think because there are some hidden laws which you can exploit, you can take some drastic short-term measures that will net you large profits and save up money very quickly. Here are just some of your options.


Save on income tax

Americans have it rough. Not only are you paying Federal Tax you’re paying State income tax too. In no other part of the developed world does this occur. This means that on the surface your taxes individually, look small but in actual fact, they’re well above 60%. Visit and find out how you can become exempt from income taxes full stop. What happens is, all your earnings and property will become a foreign estate as described by 26 USC 7701 (a) (31). This means that the US government cannot touch you, as you are not a subject of the state and therefore not under its jurisdiction. The IRS cannot hunt you down and hound you for taxes and you are able to save up a lot of money very quickly.

Work overtime, but beware

Working more hours is a great way to earn more money. But did you know that there are ways you could not be penalized by tax laws by announcing overtime hours on your tax forms? If you normally earn $40,000 but you have done over time so that this year you earn $50,000, you could end up in a higher tax bracket mistakenly. You would be paying taxes of the $50,000 bracket instead of $40,000 just because you earn an extra $10,000. But, if you declare on your forms that this is additional money and not your paid salary that you are guaranteed from the employer, you will only need to pay a one-off income tax on this earning. If this is recurring then you will be subject to change. You will need to declare yourself in another tax bracket. 

Cut down expenditures

It’s only for a little while but if you stopped spending money on long-term things then you could make sharp savings. Don’t spend on a holiday for this year, don’t buy a fridge if you can make your old one last a little longer, don’t buy a car if you can do the same for it. Learn the difference between expenses and expenditures. The latter are long-term expenses and if you cut down on these, your lifestyle will change but your savings will too. Live frugally so you can make things last longer. This comes down to clothes, vehicles, property, and even your health.

See if you can rid yourself of income taxes by becoming a foreign estate owner. Beware of tax brackets and overtime pay. Cut down on your expenditures and pretty soon, you’ll have enough money to buy a property or a car, etc.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.