The sticker shock of new eyeglasses can be strong, especially given the cost of the eye exam you just paid for. However, you do not have to get new eyeglasses from your optometrist or the eyewear store next door to them. You have the right to take a copy of your prescription and get the glasses elsewhere. While eyeglasses may be more noticeable than contact lenses, they do not require the detailed care which contacts need to keep them clean and safe for your eyes. As such, eyeglasses can be a better option than contact lenses for people who are constantly rushing for time.  

Here are 3 easy ways to save on eyeglasses, regardless of the type of lenses you need or preferred brands.

Learn about the Benefits You Have Available to You

If you have vision insurance, it may pay part of the cost of your eye exam and your new lenses and frames. If you only have health insurance, it may pay for an eye exam. If you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA), you could pay for the eye exam and new frames and lenses with tax-free money.

Check Out Your Options Online

Buying online allows you easily compare designer frames found at a variety of retailers. You could find something for a fraction of the price charges at the eyeglasses boutique next to your optometrist’s office. You could afford something like Burberry glasses if you buy online. They can offer savings in part because they do not have to maintain a brick and mortar storefront. You are also likely to be able to use coupon codes and discount codes when shopping online.

Another benefit of online retailers is that they may have a much wider selection of frames than the local stores, because they do not have the same space limitations. This is why online retailers may be the only option for finding the frames you loved in the store in the color you want. Ordering online is also a good way to find a backup pair of glasses exactly like the ones you already own. Ordering glasses online is also a good way to find a backup pair of glasses exactly like the ones you already own

Note that you will need a valid prescription and measurements to make sure that you get a good fit, since you cannot try them on and may not be able to return them. Just be careful and research the quality of the online retailer before you place that order. You do not want to buy something 90 percent off and regret the poor quality product. After all, this is your vision we are talking about.

Research Repair and Replacement Plans

Before you rush out to buy a new pair of frames or lenses, find out if you are covered by a repair or replacement plan. Depending on where you got the glasses, you may be able to replace the frames if they do not really fit or if the “scratch-resistant” lenses were ruined the first time you dropped them. You will almost certainly be able to get frames adjusted and tightened if you recently bought them. 


Whatever you do, make sure that you research all your options before you buy your next pair of frames and lenses. You will be surprised how much you could save without sacrificing quality. 

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