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4 Benefits of Getting a Move over with Quickly

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Moving homes is always going to be a pretty tense process, and will generally require all your time, energy, and attention, for a set period of time, until the move is fully complete. It’s just not really the kind of thing you can do half-heartedly, or “part-time.”

Of course, moving homes can be a great thing. It signals new opportunities coming your way, and it serves as a great opportunity for turning over a fresh leaf in your life, and reinventing yourself to a substantial degree.

Some people, however, make their home moves far more stressful than they need to be, simply due to the fact that they draw the process out indefinitely, shuffling belongings across, leaving them boxed up for weeks, months, and sometimes even years, and just failing to wrap things up in an efficient and timely manner.

There are many reasons why letting your home move drag out is a bad idea. Here are some of the benefits of getting experts such as Top Notch Movers involved, and getting your move over with quickly.


  • You can re-establish order and routine more quickly


As human beings, we all need a certain degree of order and routine in order to thrive and perform to the highest possible degree in our lives.

Even the most artistic among us suffer, and struggle, when we allow our routines to fall apart, and our circumstances to become too chaotic. Many famous writers and artists, in fact, have specifically credited their success to the discipline that they imposed on themselves, in order to focus their energies, and prevent things from drifting too far out of control.

Order and routine imply that you have a certain degree of control over your environment, and that implies that things are unpacked, organised, and “where they are meant to be.”

If your home remains a cluttered, haphazard mess, with stacks of unopened boxes in every corner, you’re going to find it very difficult to establish, or re-establish, any sense of order. As a consequence, you can expect that you will find it difficult if not impossible to set and stick to a productive routine.

The implications of this can be huge. You may find that you struggle to stay motivated to wake up or go to sleep at a set time. You may discover that you are letting your chores and responsibilities slip, and that you are struggling inordinately to stay on task with your work.

The sooner you get your home move completed and wrapped up – in all senses – the sooner you can re-establish that much-needed order and routine in your life.


  • Your emotional well-being will be vastly improved if you aren’t dragging out the process indefinitely


We all naturally feel a sense of guilt, anxiety, and frustration, when we know that we have certain chores, tasks, and responsibilities hanging over our heads, that we have not attended to properly.

Your home move has the potential to be a major source of distress, if you take too long to get closure on it. Every time you see those unpacked boxes sitting around your home, you will have a guilty and uneasy pang within you, that tells you that you really should stop messing around, and get the job finished.

In psychological terms, messy and unstructured environments, like incomplete projects, signal a degree of threat on a subconscious level. Don’t be surprised if you find that your sense of emotional well-being is significantly negatively impacted by the fact that you are taking too long to complete your move.

When you get the move done quickly, on the other hand, you put that potentially major source of stress behind you, and are much more likely to be able to relax and feel contented in how you are conducting yourself, and living your life.


  • Without part of your attention being preoccupied with the moving and packing process, you’ll be free to engage more productively with other projects and plans


You may not notice it in every moment of every day, but you naturally have a certain “reserve” of mental energy and attention, that is not infinite, and that cannot be spent exorbitantly or indefinitely.

Studies have found that people who make a habit of trying to “multitask” naturally perform worse at all the tasks they are engaging in, than people who are strictly focused on one thing at a time.

An incomplete move is a drain on your focus and mental energy. It’s the kind of thing that will nag at you day by day, and distract you from whatever else it is you may be doing, even if you don’t notice strong negative emotions in connection with that.

This, then, has the potential to make you less efficient when pursuing your assorted goals, and when trying to engage fully with other projects and plans.

Getting the move out of the way gives you the mental space you need to focus on other tasks, goals, and commitments in your life, and can significantly boost your productivity in so doing.


  • By getting the move over with quickly, you avoid falling into a vicious cycle of inertia and procrastination


Momentum can keep us moving in a positive, or a negative direction, once we’ve got started. This is part of the reason why the popular saying “if you want something done, ask a busy person” exists.

When you fail to get your home move completed in a timely manner, you tacitly give yourself permission to procrastinate, and slack off. This, then, can throw you into a vicious cycle of inertia and procrastination, which bleeds over to affect all other areas of your life.

Once you are heavily caught in this kind of a vicious cycle, it can be very difficult to escape, and you can find that the different threads of your life begin unravelling quite dramatically.

Get your home move completed quickly and in an orderly fashion, on the other hand, and you contribute to generating a virtuous cycle instead – one that keeps you moving forward in a positive and productive manner.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.