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4 Ideas to Help You Choose The Perfect Gift

Planning a perfect birthday gift can take some creative thinking, especially for those notoriously hard to buy. Instead of wasting your money on run-of-the-mill ideas, the last bunch of flowers from a gas station, or a gift card you grabbed at the checkout, take some time to find out exactly what makes the recipient tick and how you can surprise them with the ideal gift.

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What Do They Enjoy?

Without stalking, keep an eye on what they love to spend their time doing, how they enjoy themselves, and where they like to go. If you are buying a gift for a music fan, then maybe festival tickets or concert tickets could be a great option.

Enjoy thrills or experience the world around them, then consider giving experience days, contributing to travel plans by buying admission tickets, for example, or even hosting a perfect weekend getaway budget!

What Are Their Hobbies?

This isn’t always something as obvious as what you would typically classify as a hobby. It could be a go-to activity that helps to relax them, such as gardening or cooking. Or it could be that they are an avid hiker, and new hiking clothing or boots would be a hugely appreciated gift. Whatever they enjoy, pay attention to the small details and use this as a basis for your ideal gift.

Do They Splurge?

Many people will typically buy themselves off-brand items to save money or cheaper models, appliances to help them live within their means. If this is the case, buying them something a little bit more expensive within your budget could be a great option. For example, if you are buying for a coffee lover, buying them a coffee machine for the home could be a great gift.

If your gift recipient loves to head out to the local bars or always treats themselves to budget alcohol for drinking at home, then you can pickup an affordable bottle of their favorite spirit that maybe they wouldn’t splash out on themselves.

Do They Need A Useful Gift?

This isn’t an indication to buy a new iron or kettle for your mum, who does all your cooking and ironing. Instead, look at how they live and see if they need something they are yet to purchase for themselves. This could be new shoes, clothing, bags, a suitcase for work trips, or even accessories for their car. For car accessories, opt for custom-fit covers, mats, and liners for a fresh interior. Make sure you get the brand and the exact model of their vehicle to choose the right fit for the accessories.

It could also be something they can use for their hobbies or interests. Or it could be something that you believe would match their character or perhaps add some style to one crucial part of their home like the kitchen. In that case, you can consider gifting a set of bespoke, embroidered linen napkins.

Many people appreciate the thoughtfulness of being gifted items they wouldn’t buy themselves but have coveted for a long time. Maybe a new rug for the family room, new bedding, or even a personalized framed photo of the family they have been wanting to buy but haven’t gotten around to yet. A sentimental yet thoughtful item will show that you are paying attention to what they need or what they really want instead of wasting money on something they wouldn’t really be able to get as much enjoyment from.

The trick to the perfect gift is always paying attention to the person you are buying the gift for and making sure anything you buy is based on who they are and what they enjoy doing.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.