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4 Things That People Really Hate About Your Blog

If you’re a blogger, you probably watch your subscriber count like a hawk. It’s important to keep an eye on it because it’s a good way to measure how well you’re doing. It’s always good news if your subscriber count is going up, but what if it stays the same or even goes down? That’s a cause for alarm and you’re probably doing something wrong somewhere. It might just be bad luck but more often than not, there are things about your blog that people don’t like. You need to find out what it is as soon as possible so you can fix the problem and get your subscriber count going up again. These are some of the things that readers probably hate about your blog.


Lack Of Pictures

This is a big one because people respond a lot better to visual content than they do to blank text. If people go on your blog and they’re faced with a massive wall of text, they’ll be bored before they even start. They’re probably going to leave the site and they certainly won’t subscribe. Even if they do stick around, they’re not going to be drawn to any of the posts because you aren’t putting out anything to catch their attention. That’s why good quality photos and videos are essential on any blog.

Too Many Ads

Everybody hates adverts but they’re unavoidable online. That’s how people make the money to keep their blogs going and that’s fine. You obviously want to earn money from your blog and that means having adverts on there. That’s not a problem if you’ve just got some ads down the side of the page or whatever, but you’ve got to be careful. If people are bombarded with pop-ups as soon as they enter the site and then they can’t find any of the content in amongst the sea of advertising, that’s a real turn off. Used google adwords agencies to streamline your ads. 

Bad Security

The online world is a dangerous place and there are always people that are trying to get hold of the personal information or credit card details etc. That means readers are going to be cautious about handing that information over. If readers are logging in to your site, you need an identity verification service you can rely on and, more importantly, one that your customers can trust. If they have any doubts about the security of your blog, they’re not likely to subscribe and keep coming back.

Messy Design

People are impatient and they don’t want to spend ages trying to find the content that they’re looking for. They want to be able to go on the site and find what they want right away. If the design is messy and you’ve got thousands of different things all over the place, they’re not going to be able to do that. Just make sure that the design of the site is as simple as possible and you’re not filling it up with loads of unnecessary animations or excess pictures and videos.

If you’re committing any of these sins on your blog, it’s really going to put people off and you’ll struggle to get people to come back to your blog.                                         

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.