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4 Top Tips for Schmoozing Potential Business Clients 

Whether the manager of a national company who only ever meets business clients face-to-face when awaiting the prospect of a huge deal, or else the owner of a small, even family-run business, the way in which you deal with prospective clients is important. 

With this in mind, continue reading to discover four top tips for schmoozing potential business clients to ensure your deal goes through to completion. 

  1. Learn About Them Beforehand 

As in the case of virtually every other area of business, the more you know about your prospective clients, the better and as such, make sure you come prepared beforehand by learning everything there is to know about their business.

More specifically, be sure to discover their core reasons and motivations for running their business in the first place and, if possible, find ethics and morals within their company that seamlessly align with your own. 

  1. Practice Your Handshake

Veteran client schmoozers will already be aware of the supreme importance of the professional handshake and if you are somewhat of a beginner in this area, then learning to perfect your handshake is crucial. 

Always look your client in the eye when you shake their hand, ensure your palms are not overtly sweaty and shake their hand firmly, without looking like you are trying to hard to command their respect (and their business). 

Should you be feeling nervous, whether this is a large potential order or else you are new to the world of client entertainment, try to be as relaxed as you possibly can be and remember that this is just another meeting for work. 

  1. Wine & Dine Them 

A tried and tested way of getting to know each other in a business context is to arrange a meal in an easy-to-access location, either during the working day or just after the working day ends. 

The vibrant and authentically Indian curry restaurant in Bristol is an excellent example of a place in which you and your professional companions can relax in each other’s company, discuss business plans for the future and, of course, enjoy delicious and authentic Indian cuisine. 

For extra points and should the situation deem this appropriate, instead of having to face the awkward decision when the bill arrives, instead leave your credit card behind the bar and ask for the bill to be settled when you give ’the nod’. 

  1. Remove Pressure from Your Conversational Style 

The last thing you want is for your client to feel bored and not in the least bit entertained by your conversation, so even though this may at first seem counterintuitive, try and avoid talking about business specifics. 

Chat over your meal and drinks about the local area, current or upcoming sporting events and newly released movies; basically, anything you would talk about naturally with a colleague at work. 

Make sure you have done all you can to establish what you both have in common on a personal level and also ensure you ask them a number of questions, which should be non-intrusive, yet interesting, in nature. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.