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4 Ways To Enjoy Healthier Meals At Work

If you’re finding that being stuck at your desk with a drawer full of snacks is leading to some unexpected gains around your waist, then it might be time to carry out a review of some of your lunchtime desk habits. 

It’s easy to snack on unhealthy treats or overeat when you’re working, especially if you work in a busy or stressful environment. To help you stay healthy, read on for some simple and effective ideas for better lunchtime options in the workplace.

Pack your lunches ahead of time

One of the most common reasons for eating poorly at work is not having enough time to prepare a complex salad or healthy meal before leaving for the day. However, meal planning and preparing ahead of time can be a great way to get around this.

Meal prepping can involve cooking large batches of dishes or preparing individual meals for every day in advance, and is one of the best ways of saving time. Create some space in your freezer to freeze individual portions of cooked meals, or pack up meal-size versions for each workday, so you can simply pick up and go.

Check out healthy meal options around you

It’s not always possible to pack a healthy and delicious lunch every single day, so it can be helpful to keep some fallback solutions in mind, just in case. Look up healthier restaurants or stores around you, where you can pick up some affordable fresh food to enjoy easily. 

This is especially helpful when you’re traveling for work, as it can often be difficult to find the right kind of food for your diet. Places like Neds Noodles are a fantastic option as they are fast and fresh.

Don’t skip breakfast

Snack time can often be the most challenging time to stay on top of your healthy eating goals, especially if you’re in a workplace with lots of tempting free snacks, cookies, and cakes around. Skipping breakfast is a common reason for feeling that mid-morning slump, when you’re much more likely to reach for a chocolate bar or potato chips to help boost your energy levels.

Avoid this by making sure that you pay attention to the most important meal of your day, and enjoy a filling and nourishing breakfast to start every morning the best way possible.

Stay hydrated

Lastly, most people drink far less water than the recommended two liters per day, and often dehydration can lead to you feeling hungry or tired, when in fact, you just need a refreshing drink of water.

Keep a refillable water bottle around to make drinking water convenient and easy. If you don’t like plain water, try infusing it with slices of fresh citrus fruit, frozen berries or mint leaves for a delicious and easy change. Avoid too much caffeine, as this can leave you feeling even more dehydrated – if you really need a hot drink, try herbal or fruit teas instead.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.