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5 best wine clubs in 2022

Wine connoisseurs often say that to experience quality wine properly, you need to experience the 5 S’s: see, swirl, smell, sip and savor. To an experienced wine veteran, this might seem easy. After all, he has extensive wine knowledge, evolved taste, and knows a thing or two about proper wine etiquette. Most importantly, he knows where to find quality wine. 

But, what about you? Where can you find excellent wine? How can you, too, become a wine expert? 

The answer is simple. Join a wine club. 

There are many things to like about wine clubs. Wine clubs are inexpensive, convenient, accessible, exciting, and above all, they offer exquisite wine. In addition, you don’t have to do any heavy lifting – your wine is delivered right to your doorstep. 

There are wine clubs for beginners, wine clubs centered around medium-drinkers, and wine clubs specifically made for those who aim to become professional wine stewards – so you know there are a lot of choices available. 

If we’ve got you convinced, here’s our list of the 5 best wine clubs this year.

Winc Wine Club

There are many wines and equally as many wine styles. Some offer subtle flavors, while others have a strong acidic punch that can make you question your fondness for fermented fruit. 

Winc can help you explore any of them. They have an extensive selection of handpicked wine, which they will be delivered to you fast. Additionally, it’s easy to get into this club. It will only take you a couple of minutes.

If you want to confirm everything that we’ve said so far and find out additional info about this fantastic wine club, you can check out this Winc review. You will understand why it’s the perfect blend of quality and value. 

Moreover, it’s excellent for finding your ideal wine counterpart. 

All that’s left for you to do is to pass a simple 5-question quiz. Relax. Wait for your tailored 4-bottle pack to arrive, then enjoy great-tasting wine.

Williams Sonoma Wine Club

Williams Sonoma is a wine club made for beginners or those who tend to suffer from choice overload. There are two 6-bottle plans you can pick from, the explorer and entertainer. 

The explorer subscription plan offers well-seasoned wine with consistent flavor that’s oriented for habitual consumption. This plan is very affordable and only costs 15$ a bottle.

On the other hand, the entertainer subscription plan is well suited for anyone looking to upgrade to worthwhile premium wine that’s kept for occasions, events, or special moments. All 6 bottles boast delicious taste, deep flavors, and unique undertones. Furthermore, they are priced at 30$ a piece – excellent payoff.

Wine Awake Wine Club

Wine Awake works on a monthly basis, and only offers 2 bottles of quality wine a sale. Wine Awake excels at only using the classics as a model, but redefines them in a completely new way.

Wine Awake is affordable, detailed, seasoned, and makes excellent wine from a wide selection of classic grapes. There are 3 subscription plans to choose from, two bottles of white, two bottles of red, and a mixed plan that combines both white and red. Simple and effective. Plus, it is cheaper than the retail price—a safe choice for fans of the traditional.

Majestic Wine Club

Majestic is definitely the best bargain deal if you crave quality specialty wine at reasonable prices. This club is fairly new, but it’s Italian, so you’ll know they are experts on the subject of wine.

Their offer is very interesting – you can subscribe to a yearly plan that consists of 12 bottles, all packed in a quirky wine case filled with useful notes that share the origin and a little bit of wine history. The cases come in 4 different themes. Each theme is based around a different country, region, or grape.

Vinebox Wine Club

If you like to taste flavors from all regions of the world but hate drinking a whole bottle of wine on your own, you can either get wine-friends or choose Vinebox. 

This wine club specializes in offering half-bottles – or vials so to speak – filled with wine that ranges from soft and mellow, all the way to excessively bold. They usually come 3 a pack, but depending on the theme of your wine box, you can order them in sets of 6 or even 9.

Perfect for those that like to taste the spectrum before committing to an idea. As they say, nice things often come in small packages.

Final Thoughts

Being a member of a wine club comes with its own set of perks and advantages.

You get to be excited over new tastes and flavors. You also get to drink first-class wines every month. So, each month you have instant access to a proven mood booster.

Plus, if you ever get tired from drinking too much wine, you can simply offer them as a gift – there aren’t many people that would reject free wine!

All in all, joining a wine club is definitely a good decision. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.