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5 Edible Homemade Christmas Gifts

5 Edible Homemade Christmas Gifts

Edible gifts are so popular that entire cookery shows and channels are devoted to them, and with good reason. Homemade biscuits, chocolates and chutneys make wonderful gifts, and who doesn’t like receiving them?

While homemade consumables often taste better than their shop-bought counterparts, the fact that you’ve created them by hand also makes them appear like more thoughtful gifts. Plus, the homemade look with its swirly handwritten tags and gingham ribbon just encapsulates everything Christmas is truly about.

So, if you’re looking to save a little money this year and give your friends and family gifts they will truly enjoy, it’s not too late to get creating. Here are five edible homemade gift ideas to get you started.


You don’t have to work in a chocolate factory to create your own luxurious treats this year. Instead, buy some good-quality chocolate, a flexible mold, and some delicious flavorings to give your creations a real twist. This chocolate coins recipe from Jamie Oliver doesn’t even require a fancy chocolate mold – you can simply use a cupcake tray to create the required circular shapes. Once your chocolates have set, you can package them using cellophane bags and gift ribbon.

Photo Credit: Jamie Oliver

Flavored Salts

It couldn’t get much simpler than this. Simply jazz up a basic seasoning with a variety of different flavors, then decant your flavored salts into attractive jars with hand-written labels. Flavoring ideas include garam masala, wild mushroom, chili, lime, and ginger. To make your homemade flavored salts look extra luxurious, you could package them in a gift box or tin and tie some ribbon around the top.

Photo Credit: Country Living


Alcohol is a classic, easy gift to give to someone you don’t know that well, or simply a friend or family who enjoys a tipple. By the same token, alcohol is also expensive to buy, so it’s not an option many can afford. Instead of forking out for artisan spirits or bottles of champagne, why not make your own? You could create flavored spirits out of what you already have in your pantry, using recycled jars and cute ribbons as packaging. You only need  around two weeks to achieve optimum flavor, so the timing couldn’t be better. Alternatively, you could buy an inexpensive bottle of red wine and mull it for a festive treat. Octavian Vaults provides fine wine storage in the UK, but the company also updates its blog with handy homemade recipes, such as Christmas mulled wine – perfect.

Mini Shortbreads

Who doesn’t love shortbread at Christmas time? If you know someone with a sweet tooth, indulge your recipient with a box of homemade shortbreads dipped in chocolate, nuts, or fruit glazes to give them extra pizazz. You will need a sturdy checkerboard container to display your edible creations, ideally with a clear top so you can show them off.


There are so many Christmas chutney recipes on the Internet that you’ll be spoilt for choice with flavors to try. The great thing about making a chutney or preserve is that you can cook it up in a giant batch and simply spoon the mixture into several jars for your loved ones. Plus, the cooking process will make your whole house smell like Christmas –  maybe you can even sneak a taste?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.