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5 Methods of Removing Odors from Your Home

Image Courtesy of Unsplash

A smell in your home isn’t just embarrassing. It can ruin your quality of life. When something lingers in the air, it is distracting. Not something you need if you spend your time working from home or taking care of things as a stay-at-home parent. While removing odors from your home can take some time, it’s not too tricky when you know how.

Baking Soda

Not just for making tasty oven treats, baking soda has many uses. Among them is that it can effectively clean almost anything and remove odors in the process. A powerful use for baking soda is that it penetrates deep. For instance, when addressing fire and smoke damage, take the time to apply baking soda to fabrics like carpets or cloth sofas. Smoke particles work their way into upholstery, and removing them is tough. But you can remove most of the problem by liberally applying baking soda and leaving it to sit overnight before vacuuming the next day.

Air Purifiers

On their own, air purifiers don’t do much for most odors. However, they pull in many particles in the air that can contribute to odor. For example, dog hairs, cat hairs, and mold spores are sucked in by the fans and trapped in a filter before cleaned air is blown out. HEPA filters are the best you can install, but others are available. In addition to cleaning the air, air purifiers also reduce the harmful effects of airborne contaminants that cause or exacerbate medical conditions. As a result, problems like asthma, respiratory issues, and Covid-related breathing problems can be relieved.

Vinegar Cleaning

Like baking soda, vinegar is an excellent chemical for cleaning and removing odors. You can use vinegar in place of bleach as a safer alternative but never mix the two. This is very dangerous. But used liberally, vinegar is excellent for the bathroom. For smells like fried fish, mold, or tobacco, you can place bowls of vinegar around your home. The particles released for vinegar neutralize odors in the air. And while vinegar may smell a little, it won’t linger and will be gone quickly if you air out your home. In addition, apple vinegar gives off a more pleasant scent.

Pet Sprays

If you have a cat or a dog, you know they have accidents. And while you can easily clean up any mess, the smell can be horrendous. The worst part is that it can sometimes take a few days for odors to come through. So, when you think you have gotten rid of it, you get up in the morning to a remarkably unpleasant ammonia smell. Fortunately, you can get rid of pet smells with specially-made cleaners. The best ones absorb particles from your carpets and neutralize the odor, and will remove any associated stains. 

Keep Everything Clean

Of course, prevention is the best cure. And barring an unfortunate event, you can keep your home odor-free by keeping it clean and tidy. Unsurprisingly, the bathroom is the worst culprit for homely smells. The toilet, bath, and shower curtain are prime residences for odor-causing bacteria. Clean these areas at least once a week and deep clean once per month. But odors also get trapped around the home. Fibers trap smells relatively efficiently. So, clean with baking soda or vacuum powders and vacuum every day. Daily vacuuming is essential if you have a furry friend who likes to shed their hair all over your fine furniture.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.