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5 of the World’s Best Cuisines for Easy Entertaining This Summer

Mozzarella cheese and meat pizza being served – Image Courtesy of Pexels

Although Spring is still a little chilly, Summer isn’t far away. And that means getting together with friends and family. Here are some of the best cuisines for easy entertaining, so you can relax.

Thai and Pan-Asian Grills

Pan-Asian food is nothing short of taste bud heaven. Pan Asian typically refers to all of Asia. Still, it has come to mean parts of Asia that aren’t the Middle East and more East Asian countries. These include China, Indonesia, and Thailand. Mostly the people you get your tasty takeaway food from. The beauty of Pan-Asian food is that it’s very quick and very easy to make. Examples include the classic Drunken Noodles recipe, Thai red and green curries, and egg-fried rice. The trick is to get a good hot wok and prepare everything you need ahead of time.

Hearty and Rustic Italian Food

Italian chefs are among the best in the world, and French and Spanish. But while the great Italian chefs like Antonio Carluccio and Genaro Contaldo are masters at their craft, the cuisine can be as technical or as relaxing as you want. These heroes will tell you that the trick to great Italian food is the freshest ingredients prepared with passion. As a result, it is guaranteed to taste amazing. As long as you get the best you can afford (never canned or pre-prepared) and dedicate yourself to making a recipe. And it’s easier on the wallet too.

Cuisines for Easy Entertaining Include USA BBQ

Is there anything that can beat classic American recipes from the good old U.S. of A for a BBQ? Probably not. You may not know, but there’s much more to BBQ food than burgers and sausages. South Carolina pulled pork is chief among recipes. Or how about some Louisiana Baby Back Ribs? Just the motivation you need to get your garden in shape this Summer. And the great thing about genuine BBQ is that you can leave it for hours and let it do its thing. All you need to do is sit back with your buddies and let it cook. For a long time!

German Wursts and Beers

Is there no end to the delights of German food? Pretzels, hamburgers, and of course, hot dogs. Or, as they call them, “wursts.” Wurst simply means “large sausage” in German and Austrian. And the Germans have been serving different varieties for hundreds of years. The U.K. and USA consume the most common are bockwurst, which simply means “ground meat smoked sausage.” But then there’s the more substantial bratwurst (ground meat sausage) and currywurst from Berlin, a spicy variant. These are all super tasty and go great with German beer.

British Curry with a Pint

Speaking of beer, the Brits love a good pint. And there’s nothing more comforting for people in the U.K. than curry and anoint. In fact, Brits love curry so much that Chicken Tikka Masalla replaced fish and chips as the national dish. Chicken Tikka Masala is an English invention that was created by accident when an Indian mistakenly put ketchup in the recipe. Since then, it has become a sensation, accounting for over 70% of all curries sold in the U.K. Chicken Tikka Masala is easy to make. You can prepare it well in advance of your guests’ arrival.


When guests arrive for the Summer, you want to spend time with them, not in the kitchen. Some of the easiest foods to make include Pan-Asian noodles, USA BBQ, and U.K. curry.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.