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5 Reasons Why Grass-Fed Beef Jerky May Be the Ultimate Protein Snack

If you are big on healthy living, then you would know the importance of a protein diet. It is quite useful when you are looking to gain or lose weight. It could also help you stay in shape, so you practically need protein in your diet. 

And if you are looking for some quality protein to snack on, it would interest you to know that beef jerky could just be it. But just in case you are seriously giving it a thought, here are a few reasons why grass-fed paleo beef jerky with no nitrates could be the perfect protein snack. 

Completely Organic 

As the name implies, the beef used in making these crunchy jerky snacks, are from grass-fed animals. So you can expect them to be free from any chemical or artificial compounds. And since the meat is obtained from cows who eat grass and not some growth hormone, you can expect them to be safe for consumption. 

If you do decide to buy some, you want to endeavor to check the main ingredients. Even though it says on the package that it is grass-fed, check that the beef jerky is free from nitrates. It is common to find the compound in most processed meat where its purpose is to preserve the product. 

Source of Rich Nutrition 

In each ounce of beef jerky is a bust of protein, and depending on the type you settle on, you get to enjoy other nutritional benefits. For example, the grass-fed paleo beef jerky with no nitrates contains up to 14 grams of protein and as low as one gram of fat. And this is all in a one-ounce serving. 

In place of fat, you get a supply of rich omega – 3 fatty acids instead, which helps to improve brain health and reduce the risk of heart disease. You can check here for more on the benefits of omega – 3 fatty acids to the body. Some brands could include or be completely free from sugar, so you want to double-check on that. Also, you can find some grass-fed paleo beef jerky that does not contain nitrates, gluten, dairy, or soy. 

Tasty and Crunchy Snack 

In addition to been nutritious, beef jerky could also be an excellent choice for a tasty and crunchy snack. It is available in different flavors, so you be sure to find one that romances your tastes buds. There are entirely vegan brands that taste like the real deal but without actual beef. So there is just the right beef jerky for everyone. 

The brands that feature a hint of zesty garlic are usually low in sugar. Although they may taste sour, you can also find others with a bit of sweetness. There are some with a fruity taste such as a hint of raspberry, cherry, mango, or any other fruit. You can also find others with a blend of pepper, and it all depends on what you want. 

Suitable for Everyone 

Another reason why you should consider adding beef jerky to your list of choice snack is that it is suitable for everyone. You can easily find one that works with your diet. There are different brands available, so finding a grass-fed paleo or vegan beef jerky with no nitrates shouldn’t be a hassle. 

You can find them available for kids, adults, and even for those with sugar restrictions in their diet. Most of the organic beef jerky holds more than 70 calories in a one-ounce serving. So they can be a highly satisfying snack, and an easy way to avoid filling up on some unhealthy alternative instead. Although they are entirely healthy, you want to mind how much you eat. You can read up below on some of the side effects of overeating beef jerky. 

Readily Available 

You can find them available to buy in all major retail stores across the country. It doesn’t matter if your preference is the grass-fed paleo or vegan beef jerky with no nitrates, you can easily find one even at a gas station. 

To be sure that you are getting the real thing, do well to check the labels on the packaging for all the information you need. The first thing to look out for is that it is from an organic source. The word natural or grass-fed could also appear on the package and is equally a good sign. You should then check that it does not include any other compound that may be harmful to your health. And also look out for the best before date before making payments. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.