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5 Signs You Are a Good Judge of Character

Do you ever wonder if you are as good a judge of character as you think you are? These 5 signs show that you might be better at judging people than you think.

The modern social scientist appreciates that there is a relation between how a personality type can relate to cognitive ability and intelligence and how it interacts with other people. The more knowledgeable the person does not always equal the better judge of character… Though it does tend to be a good indicator. Those who show empathy in conversations, who can engage in public, and who have mastered speaking to crowds, have all learned how to recognize emotions on other’s faces, and therefore act in agreeable ways. 

So: when people meet you, do they say you are a good judge of character or not? Here are some clearer signs that you may have better social intelligence than you think.

The 5 Signs of Good Judgement

Here are five key signs that you can judge others accurately.

1 – You Handle Judging and Perceiving in Relationships Well

According to the Myers Briggs personality types, there tend to be two types of people when it comes to the dating world. There are those who have a preference towards judging, and those who have a preference towards perceiving within a relationship. Those who prefer to be in control are judges and those who prefer to take life as it comes prefer perception. If your preference leans towards both, you could be a better judge of character than you think.

2 – You are Emotionally Mature

Emotional maturity is a sign of emotional intelligence. What is emotional maturity? It is realizing that you should act, not react. It is growing to understand that ultimatums don’t work, and that others have motivations towards you. Developing emotional intelligence happens over time and with experience. Having said that, there are those in their twenties with greater emotional maturity than those in the later stages of life. 

3 – You Balance Physical and Mental Wellbeing

It is one thing to be physically healthy, but another to be both emotionally and mentally healthy. When you reach the understanding that humans have more than one type of healing to take care of, then you start to do the therapy and work which brings you back in line. Those who are good judges of character see and recognize the traumas and experiences which have shaped us into who we are. 

4 – The Power of Prediction

Those who are good at judging characters are good at predicting what that person or type of person will do next. You might be able to do this with people you know well, but if you can do it with people, you only recently met, you must be a great judge of character. Science suggests our brains make calculations about others’ future behavior based on what they already know about that person. Prediction is possible. You just need to be highly emotionally intelligent to do it.

5 – Altered Perceptions

As well as judging, that power of perception allows some people to sense what others are feeling. This sense of perception is known as empathy. The more empathetic a person is, the easier they understand how others are seen in the world and why. 

Are You A Good Judge of Character?

If you read through this article and recognize yourself in the above points, then you may well just be a better judge of character than you thought you were. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.