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5 Tips for Studying While Teaching

Being a teacher often takes a lot out of you. There’s so much to organize, after all, from lesson planning to school trips, and that’s before you have to go home and grade homework! 

The idea of studying while teaching may seem like an impossible task. It isn’t, though. While it is undeniably challenging, there are ways to make it less of a strain. Then, at the end of your studies, you become an even more qualified teacher. 

If you want to further your education and boost your career, here are five tips for studying while teaching. 

1: Choose a Flexible Program 

Attending school both as a student and a teacher isn’t really viable. It’s a far better idea to choose a teaching program that allows flexible learning. You can find both entirely online degrees and mixed programs to match your schedule, allowing you to study from wherever you feel comfortable. Doing this eliminates a chunk of traveling time. If you want a 100% online teaching program, look at education administration programs New York

2: Focus on One at a Time 

If your mind is preoccupied with your studies while you’re in front of a class, you won’t perform as well as you should. Likewise, if you’re still mentally planning tomorrow’s lesson while trying to read a textbook, the knowledge will not sink in. 

To get the best out of both, you need to fully focus on one at a time. While you’re a teacher, let your studies sink to the back of your mind, and while you’re studying, don’t fret about homework grading. It’s easier said than done, but this type of focus will help you flourish at both. 

3: Schedule Your Evenings 

There is no getting around working in the evenings when you are both a teacher and a student. In fact, you’ll likely find that you work in the evenings even without your additional studies! To make your evenings more productive, and ensure you have some time to yourself, schedule them much like you would the daytime. Plan what you will do each hour to ensure you complete your work by a sensible hour. 

4: Use Helpful Technology 

As a teacher, you likely appreciate the brilliance of technology. So, use it to your advantage when away from the classroom. There are plenty of excellent student apps to download, giving you more control over your studies. Anki, for example, is an app that allows you to create flashcards, making studying a little easier (and quicker!). 

5: Take Care of Yourself

You shouldn’t put everything you have into teaching and studies and forget to look after yourself. Otherwise, you may end up burned out and unable to carry on. To avoid this, put a concerted effort into taking care of yourself, whether that means taking an afternoon to yourself or getting into healthy meal planning

You can nail your studies while teaching a class – you just need the right organizational skills and drive. With these tips, you are sure to come out of your program a more qualified teacher.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.