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6 Mountain Wedding Tips To Make Your Big Day Truly Unique

So you’ve decided to get married in some gorgeous mountainous surroundings. That’s an excellent idea, but how can we make it a truly unique one? Sure, not everyone gets married in the mountains, but there are enough couples getting hitched in amazing places.

If you want to make your special day truly stand out, here are some tips to get started:


  • String Up Flowers


The mountains are home to a variety of flowers that you won’t be able to find in the city. Don’t pass up this opportunity to have those alpine wildflowers a part of every picture. You can also create a stunning effect by stringing up the most brilliant blossoms. However, we’d still recommend going for potted decorations instead of cutting those lovely blooms.

If your wedding décor is comprised of mostly earthy tones, a brilliant floral decoration will make a lovely statement piece. You can pair it up with linen tablecloths, some candles, and some wooden decoration pieces. Go online for more information about the dresses to match such a theme.

2. Order A Themed Cake

Customized cakes are now a must in every wedding, so continue the mountain theme with a beautiful dessert too. Bakers can now create wooden effects with icing or recreate some mountains on every tier of the cake. It’s up to you how you want the cake to look, but don’t miss out on this chance to have a truly unique piece.

3. Get a Rustic Look

The idea to aim for a rustic look seems relevant if you’re getting married in one of the beautiful mountain venues. Wood paneling, such as in a barn or a similar structure, will give you a cozy atmosphere. This will also make everyone feel like they’re in a mountain lodge for a vacation.

4. Make Decisions According To The Mountainous Region You’ve Chosen


The logistics of throwing a wedding party are different when you’re in the mountains. Decide on the important stuff as a couple beforehand. This includes deciding where to get the vendors, interviewing the staff, and generally making up the whole game plan. You can also use a mix of local staff as well as some trusted people you brought along.

5. Have Some Backup Plans


There should always be some sort of backup plan in place when you’re having a wedding away from home. That’s because you should keep in mind some important things about mountain weddings. In the mountain especially, there could be snow one day and glaring sunlight the next. If you have a wedding planner (which we highly recommend), talk to them about Plan B for the big day. You may want to have an indoor space reserved just in case.

There should also be enough time in the schedule for a quick move indoors if necessary. Plus, have your planner or a trusted friend keep an emergency kit on hand with several supplies. These should include bandages, glue, hairpins—in short, anything you could possibly need but might not easily get in the mountains.

6. Have Some Spontaneity

Make use of your surroundings to the fullest! You can capture the full beauty of an incredible sunset, or have the towering peaks as the perfect backdrop to your photos. Even if it rains, a photographer with enough talent and guidance may take some really unique photos.

Other than the weather, don’t be afraid to switch things up when you’re on the mountains. It’s a vacation feel when you’re in that area, so use what’s available to create a natural and rustic effect for the whole event.

What Else To Look For

Whether you have an old-fashioned ceremony indoors or prefer to brace the snows on the peaks, making use of your natural surroundings is always a good idea. No two days in the mountains are exactly the same, so make sure you’re set to capture all the glorious colors and experiences!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.