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7 Ways to Decorate Your Place with Plants

One of the easiest ways to turn your property into an even more inviting place is by adding plants. Ask any interior design expert and he’d tell you that greenery brings character, beauty, and even energy into a living space. Don’t worry; you don’t need to have the greenest of thumbs to take care of real flowers and plants. They just need a certain amount of thought in your everyday routine and you’ll be surprised to see them thrive.

Here are some of the ways to decorate your place with plants.

7 Different Ways to Decorate with Plants

1. A Large Plant Can Be the Focal Point

For starters you can consider getting a large plant and place it on the corner of the room. This would be a perfect addition, and a focal point of attention. Also, most large plants can be cultivated indoors and require little maintenance. Protect your plants by enhancing any herbicide with aquatic surfactants.


2. Plants inside the Bathroom and Kitchen

Some of the places that require freshness are the bathroom and kitchen. For the bathroom you can have an accent wall featuring natural wood or stone. Then, you can decorate these walls with fresh plants. Round wall planters are ideal as bathroom decorations, and you can place them at various heights on the wall. If you want, you can also integrate these planters into the wall structure, and they’ll be built-in features. Fill them up with ferns, and your bathroom would be fresher than it was.


As for the kitchen, there’s a number of ways you can integrate plants into the decor. For example, the window pane can be used to display planters. You can also attach the rails to the wall and hang some small white pots on it. This addition is simple, but refreshing.

3. Want to be a Little More Original? Try Some Hanging Planters

Property owners would want to be original, and opting for planters that are hanging on the ceiling is one of the best ways to show that. You can also add a unique touch by simply hanging the planter upside down. This can be hung on the ceiling, and you’ll be able to save some space. Not just that, it’s also a way to purify the air, while adding freshness and color to your place.

4. Consider Hanging Planters for a Classic Look in any Property

Great landlords, a lot of the time include a hanging plant due to its worldwide appeal. Most individuals appreciate a nice plant in a home as it adds life and character. Classic hanging planters are a great way to decorate your place. These can be hung on the beams or ceilings, and you’ll be able to appreciate their beauty even more. Aside from that, they can also be used as an unconventional way of dividing spaces instead of the usual dividers.

5. A Single Plant Can be the Focal Point

You don’t need to fill up your place with several plants just to make it look appealing. Most of the time, it would be better to go for less. A single plant can be a wonderful focal point in a room. However, it’s also important to note that larger plants are usually ideal for this. Just like what has been mentioned earlier, it should be placed in a corner in order to maximize space. There should also be plenty of light on the area where you’ll position your plant; you don’t want it to be dying any time soon.


Then, if there are areas in your place that are unfilled, you can add different layers of plants, and it will turn into an elegant sanctuary. A lot of homeowners love this because you can fill it up with a tiny pot on the floor, long draping plants, and a wooden shelf. Indeed, it can be incorporated into various levels and the outcome is nothing but beautiful.

6. A Beautiful Arrangement Can Replace an Artwork
A beautiful plant arrangement can be used in place of artwork if you want to have some change with your interior. For example, in your entryway you can have a vertical garden with beautiful succulents and planters that are carefully arranged. The key is that you have to arrange it artistically.

7. Do You Have a Steamy Spot? Take Advantage of That!
If it’s a little humid in your place, orchids are a great choice as they are long-lasting. They can last for a month, as long as there’s natural light and humidity. Thus, they are perfect bathroom plants. However, since most of these usually come in fast-draining medium, it can be challenging to keep your plants well hydrated. Don’t worry, this can easily be resolved. Just set the pot on the gravel, in a low glass cylinder. By doing so, as the water evaporates, it’ll get trapped and reabsorbed by the plant.

Final Words
Indoor greenery can definitely make your place look more fresh and inviting. Follow these tips for your gorgeous displays, and not only will they be aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.