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8 Expert Tips on Winning Giveaways

“Congrats! You just won 5 million dollars!” Wouldn’t it be grand to hear those exact words after entering sweepstakes? Whether you’re some whose new to the sweepstakes world or haven’t struck rich yet, we have just the tips to boost your winning chances. 


  • Find and Enter Any Sweepstakes You Find



Given how many sweepstakes there are available these days, especially online, it’s really not too hard to find and gain entry into one. There are various categories of sweepstakes that you can enter, including:


  • Email Sweepstakes
  • Call-In Sweepstakes
  • Text Message Sweepstakes
  • Survey giveaways
  • Daily Sweepstakes
  • Weekly Sweepstakes
  • Monthly Sweepstakes



  • Understand Your Odds of Winning



When it comes to sweepstakes, you don’t really know what your odds of winning really are. That’s because it depends on the number of entries. What you can do, however, is estimate the odds. 


If for instance, you get an entry form in your mail for sweepstakes along with a huge prize, you can guarantee that there will be a mountain of entries. But if there’s a jar at a local restaurant giving free lunch, your odds of winning will be higher. 


  • Carefully Read the Rules 



Don’t think that you can win by skipping out on the rules. It is extremely pivotal that you run through each and every one of those rules and leave no stone unturned. Not following the rules could potentially get your disqualified. 


The good news, however, is that most people don’t follow the rules, which automatically increases your chances of winning. There is one rule that you need to consider most, is the entry deadline. You can’t win if you don’t beat the deadline. 


  • Right the Proper Answer



There are some sweepstakes where you have to give only the right answer. Your entry will be rendered useless if you don’t give the correct answer, so be sure to double-check the accuracy of your answer before submitting your entry. 


  • Enter as Many Sweepstakes as You Want



The more you enter yourself in a single sweepstake, the better your chances of winning will be. However, before you even think about sending millions of entries, you need to confirm the number of entries that are allowed. You could get disqualified if you exceed the maximum number of entries. 


There are also some rules that strictly recommend “one entry per day” or even “one entry per envelope.” You may also want to consider your budget if you’re paying for postage, especially if the prize isn’t really worth much. 


  • Get Professional Help



If you’re a rookie and are having trouble with your luck, then it’s time to turn to professional help. Professional sweepers never type the same entry information on their own over and over. Instead, they use specialized programs like Texter and Roboform. This will speed up your entries and evidently prevent your poor fingers from being stressed out or numb. Though some sweepstakes disallow such tactics. 



  • Remain Motivated



Don’t be focused on only one sweepstake because you’ll only end up being disappointed and possibly give up altogether. Just keep in mind that there’s always another giveaway to enter, so the best thing to do is move on. With this positive attitude, you are sure to hit it big eventually. And be sure to keep a note of all the prizes you’ve won because it will keep your spirits up. 


  • Beware of Scams



Sometimes there are viral sites that pose as sweepstakes and offer the most enticing prizes. Unless you’re not that gullible, you have to refrain from entering such places. Here’s how you know you’re being scammed:


  • You have been asked to pay or wire money to receive your prize. 
  • You’re informed by sponsors of winning something you never entered. 
  • You receive a win notification from a free account. 
  • Being asked to give credit card info. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.