Storage facilities are a booming business. There are over 60,000 facilities in the U.S. with Texas having the most and Rhode Island having the least. Ten percent of all American households have a self-storage unit. Many others are rented by businesses. 

There are many reasons to rent a storage unit ranging from making a move to simply wanting to declutter your home. You may have a lack of space and need a year-round place to store your holiday decorations or a special collection. A storage unit can be a bit of an investment but there are ways to save money when you rent at a self storage facility. 

Ask About Available Discounts

You may have noticed that storage facilities work hard to secure your business with regular promotions. Whether your storage is short or long term, it can save you money when you ask about their discounts. Sometimes you may get several months free or you could possibly get 10 to 20 percent off of the usual rate for a unit. Another thing to consider is Secure Self Storage which offers flexible month-to-month leases. 

Research Storage Options 

Comparing storage facilities in your area or the area where you are moving can save you money. It is important to research and compare size or units and pricing. Check on other factors like access, security and climate control. Be sure to read the fine print on any contract before signing. 

Only Store Important Items

Decluttering before heading to your storage unit is key to saving money. You will want to clean out at home organizing for a yard sale or giving items away to charities. By doing this, you will reduce what needs to be stored. You don’t want to store items that you will end up throwing away once you get it out. 

Store Large Items With Family Or Friends

If you can avoid storing bulky, large things like sofas, beds or cars, you will be able to rent less space for storage. Check to see if friends or family can house those items for you temporarily. If you decide to get rid of these items, you can check to see if they are needed for your local theatre, school or library. 

Share Storage Space

Speaking of friends and family, consider sharing a storage unit with friends or relatives whom you trust. The larger your unit, the better the rate and by combining with others, you can rent a larger unit sharing the rent. This can save you up to 50 percent off of your rent. 

Ask About Movers

Moving companies will sometimes offer discounted short-term storage rental with your move. Often, storage facilities and movers work together. Ask the storage staff if they have a relationship with a moving company which offers discounts. 

Ask About Moving Trucks

Sometimes storage facilities offer the use of a free truck for moving when you sign a lease. It can be used to move items into storage and into your new home. Another perk sometimes offered is the use of hand trucks as well as discounted moving supplies. 

Use Extra Time When Packing And Loading

If you take time on the front end to properly pack all of your items in boxes labeling them by rooms in which they belong, you will save a huge amount of time when you decide to get your items out of storage. If you are very organized, you may find you can downsize which unit you rent. Take this same approach when loading your moving truck. Using the space effectively and in an organized fashion will make each step of your move easier. 

These tips can help you save money overall when securing a storage unit. Whether you are relocating or downsizing, the use of self-storage can be advantageous. Be sure to do your research for the best deal, only store what is necessary and use creative options to save money. 

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