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A break from mom duties: 4 Activities to try

Being a mum is a 24-hour job, and it stops for nothing. Whether it’s creating a bedtime routine, or dropping everything to pick them up from school after a fall, there’s very little time to dive deep into any activity that’s all about you. 

Which is why, we’re sharing 4 activities to try to help you relax no matter how little time you have. It might be 5 minutes waiting for the kids at soccer practice, or an hour after they’ve headed to bed. Wherever you can find time, make sure to practice a little self-care. 

Breakfast with the gals

If you don’t work or have the flexibility to move around your work schedule, having breakfast with a friend – or the other mums after the school run – is a great way to get some downtime while also enjoying a delicious meal. You could even go alone and treat yourself to a guilt-free hour of coffee, pancakes and whatever else takes your fancy. 

Bingo or book club

Those that love to wind down with a good book after the kids are in bed will love attending – or hosting – a book club. You’ll gain new friends interested in the same things as you, as well as getting some great book recommendations. 

There are plenty of societies and groups to join, which can be hosted at home (to reduce childcare fees) or be done during the day. For those with a competitive edge, you could even head to the local bingo hall for a few games. 

Of course, this all will take a little longer than a quick 10-minute break. If you’re really strapped for time, grab a cupper and play bingo online. You can compare casino sites online to find one that works for you in terms of types of games available, minimum withdrawal and even different themes. 

DIY Pedicure 

Self-care doesn’t have to be all about eating well and exercise – there are plenty of indulgent ways to practice self-care. Having a good pamper in the bath, or doing your own pedicure is a great way to give back to yourself after a tough day. Grab the foot soak and a few lotions and potions. You could even let the kids paint your toes after, if they really want to get involved. 

An evening just for you

Babysitters are only a phone call away, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about leaving your partner to look after the kids while you escape for an evening. 

Whether you fancy a new film, show or gig with friends, or even want to just lock yourself away in the bedroom to watch your favorite TV shows uninterrupted, take some time to do exactly as you’d like. 

Stealing back some time for yourself doesn’t mean you’re a bad mom; in fact, it helps you destress and prepare for the next thing on your to-do list and be better for your kids. Try to find some ‘me time’ – no matter how short – at least once a week. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.