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A Great Move: Planning Ahead For A Smooth Moving Day

Congratulations on your new home news! What a great time of year to get excited about a brand-new space to live in and enjoy. With a new year approaching; it’s worth utilizing any spare time you have between Christmas and New Year, to ensure you’ve planned as much as possible so that your moving day can go as smoothly as possible. There’s a lot to take into consideration, and there’s no denying it’ll be challenging and stressful at moments.

However, It’s worth remembering that if you’ve prepared for every (okay, most) eventuality ahead; you’re on the right track to keeping things straightforward. So much so that any hiccups that arise won’t phase you and you can get on with enjoying a fresh start in your new home. Right, it’s time to write a list and begin ticking things off as much as you can. The following are some tips and ideas on what to add to your moving day list.

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Gather Your Team

Aside from the whole household being on board with the packing and organizing; you’ll need to ensure that you’ve hired the right people to help your move go smoothly. Therefore, look into utilizing a company like iMOVE so that you can have confidence and peace of mind that those you’re hiring are verified, highly rated, and are great at their job. All the belongings that you’ve worked so hard for, need to be in safe hands so it’s worth making the researching and hiring process as clear and straightforward as possible.

There’s no harm in ordering some pizzas and inviting your loved ones over to help with the mammoth task of packing either. Many hands make light work and all that. So, assign everyone a specific area, turn on the music, and you’ll have neatly packed boxes in no time.

Time For A Clearout

Before the packing really commences; it’s worth having a huge clearout. This time of year is a great chance to get rid of old, unused things, especially when there’ll be new gifts given at Christmas.

Therefore, go through every shelf, drawer, and cupboard; make a pile of things to donate, sell, and throw or toss away; it’ll make the packing process much easier and you can enjoy the feeling of a proper fresh start in your new home. You could also make a little extra money when you sell some items; perfect for paying for those pizzas you’re going to order!

Labels Labels Labels

Labeling every single box with what room it’s going in, and a brief description of what’s inside is the best way to have a stress-free moving experience when you arrive in your new place. There’s nothing worse than a room stacked with random boxes, and having no idea what’s in them.

Giving the removal company the chance to place the right boxes in the right rooms will make it easier for everyone. You can head to the kitchen and you’ll be able to see where to get the glasses out so everyone can enjoy refreshments, oh, and don’t forget the snacks!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.