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A Summer Classic Capsule Wardrobe Tips

When the weather hots up, you might get stuck with what you should be wearing. And it isn’t easy to go from warm cozy cardigans, wooly tights and all of those gorgeous Autumn/Winter plums.

A capsule wardrobe makes sense for pretty much anyone. And, in the summer where you probably want to head out and enjoy as much of that glorious daylight as possible, without having to spend hours choosing clothes (unless you want to, of course) – capsule wardrobes pay off. Rather than talk about trends, sticking the classics will mean that you are never out of style and can invest in pieces that you love. If you like unusual pieces or high-quality goods, then search for online boutiques.

Photo by Isabela Kronemberger on Unsplash


While the boots of the winter are long gone, you don’t have to have hot, sweaty feet stuffed into trainers either. Nude pumps, or black ballet style pumps are a classic. They will go with everything else in your capsule too. Tan sandals enjoy a yearly appearance too thanks to those stunning Hermes Oran sandals.


Let’s address something straight away. If you are a little on the curvier side, then you can still rock a skirt. If you suffer from what is affectionately known as ‘chub rub,’ then grab yourself a pair of cycling shorts and get out there. A-line midi skirts go with pretty much anything, but if you need something classing then linen in white, black or tan is perfect. A well-cut denim skirt can make your summer a lot of fun. Team it up with a white shirt and your nude pumps, and you have a beautiful outfit for day or night.

There are many excellent choices when shopping for a new skirt. You can start by selecting from many different lengths. Then there are plenty of styles and colors to explore. For example, you can pick from skirts or dresses with buttons or slits. There are also form-fitting and loose options. To get the most use out of a new skirt, it is best to choose one that can work in a variety of situations. You can do that by envisioning how the skirt will look with different shirts, jackets or shoes. Changing other accessories, such as jewelry, can also switch a skirt from casual to perfect for a meeting or more special occasion. However, not every skirt is so versatile. For example, a mini skirt is almost exclusively useful for casual outings. A midi skirt, on the other hand, might transform from formal to casual easily.


Blouses, shirts, t-shirts. All essential in your wardrobe, but what you need to remember is that quality matters. Fraying shirts, buttons falling off or the material being see-through are all not great fun. If you have opted for some classic cut skirts, then a slightly looser shirt or tee gives a more casual and relaxed vibe. Black, grey, white, and tan will match with anything else in this capsule.


Bags and jewelry can really make a look. But something you will see time after time in a more classic, or French style wardrobe is a scarf. They are great to tie around a bag handle, perfect for the summer heat, and of course around the next to give a pop of color to what you are wearing.

Sunglasses will complete your look. Large circular frames are gorgeous, and tortoiseshell is something that looks classic without even trying. Of course, you should look to find a pair that will match your face shape, and provide a good amount of protection against the sun.


The ideal solution for pretty much any occasion. Work, play, beach, beers? A dress is your go-to pal. They are comfortable to wear and can go with boots, flats, trainers, and any of your accessories. For dresses, you can use them to add a pop of color or pattern to your wardrobe. Of course, if you want to get the most out of it, black, white, khaki or tan can be worn over and over – different accessories and shoes? Different dress.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.