Abilify and bipolar disease

Specialists from You! Drugstore claim that number of people affected by bipolar disease has increased significantly in last couple of decades. Given that this condition is partially caused by noise, pollution and substance abuse, these numbers shouldn’t be surprising. Also, have in mind that our awareness of mental illnesses has increased. People are no longer ashamed to ask for help so, things such as depression and mania can easily and quickly be controlled nowadays. If you wish to eliminate symptoms of bipolar disorder, you can buy Abilify online.

When we mention this sickness, we in fact think of combination of following states: depression and mania. Patient who has this issue experiences numerous episodes, which can be different in duration. As a general rule, depression is much more common. Sometimes, both of them can appear at the same time which makes even more problems to a patient.

Depression is a very common mental problem. In fact, there are more people suffering from this disease than any other mental disorder. Patient, who is affected by it, has contorted perception of reality. He sees things as bad, negative and views future as gloomy. This goes so far, that most patients do not see point in living another day. As you can presume, this can be very dangerous and lead to suicidal tendencies. Besides that, individual will have various social issues. He will lose confidence and self-esteem which will disable him from making a normal relationship with other people. Furthermore, he will distance himself from family and friends. Relationship with partner will also suffer as he loses interest together with libido. When we talk about physical issues, the most common are insomnia, impotence and loss of weight. When you are suffering from depression, it is very hard to monitor your emotions.

Mania is complete opposite from depression. Patient who has it feels short burst of positive feeling. He is unable to control his reactions, he can talk without end and he skips from topic to topic while his concentration drops. Those who suffer from it are easily manipulated and persuaded as they see all things in a positive manner and are prepared to assist other in any way possible.

Genetics plays a big role in developing bipolar disorder. Sometimes, disturbance can be caused by damage to neurons. But, there are other factors which need to be included when we observe this issue. In most of the cases, patients had very rough childhood and were constantly mistreated by their parents. Oftentimes, this state reappears when individuals relives episode from childhood. Besides that, other environmental factors and misuse of drugs and alcohol can also lead to its development.

Specialists from You! Drugstore recommend Abilify as one of the best products on the market for bipolar disorder. Besides this condition, this drug can also efficiently treat schizophrenia. It restores balance to neurotransmitters restoring previous state of mind. Have in mind that this medicine is really strong and it shouldn’t be used for prolonged period of time. In fact, patient shouldn’t use it for more than 6 weeks unless doctor suggested otherwise.

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