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Are These Household Items Making You Sick?

Are These Household Items Making You Sick?

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There are germs and toxins all over you home, most of which are of no concern. However, others could be a real danger and could be lurking on everyday items that you thought were innocent. Here are just some of the most common household items that could be making you sick without realising (and how you can stop them being such a threat to your health).

Your toothbrush

It’s possible that your toothbrush could be covered in germs. Many people don’t rinse their toothbrushes properly or store them with other people’s toothbrushes, which can cause bacteria growth. You should also be careful of storing your toothbrush near the toilet – when flushing, tiny particles could be coming out of the toilet bowl onto your brush!

Your refrigerator

Not cleaning out that refrigerator often could also be making it a haven for bacteria. This could be spreading to other foods which you then consume and get ill off. Make sure that you’re cleaning spillages as soon as they occur and giving each tray a thorough clean every couple months.

Your showerhead

Not cleaning out your showerhead regularly could also be leading to build-ups of mycobacterium avium. This type of germ has been linked with pulmonary disease. You should your showerhead every couple months, or buy a self-cleaning showerhead such as the MX Lunar.

Your mattress

Your mattress could also be making you ill. Whilst many of us clean out sheets and put on mattress protectors, sweat and stains can still soak through and get to the mattress. There are mattresses out there that are better for deflecting bacteria as these Loom and Leaf reviews show. You should replace your mattress every seven years, never buy a second-hand mattress and never sleep on your mattress without a sheet.

Your air conditioning unit

Air conditioning units need to be cleaned annually to prevent build-ups of bacteria and mould. Such build-ups occur mostly in the winter when air conditioning isn’t used – this bacteria is then pumped out into the air on the first use. Dirty air conditioning units have been linked to all kinds of respiratory diseases including Legionnaires.

Your phone/tablet/laptop

We touch our electronic devices on a daily basis, but few of us clean them regularly. As a result, such devices can become covered in bacteria. Certain activities can be avoided to prevent as much germs from touching these devices such as not using your phone on the toilet and not eating over your computer/laptop keyboard.

Your hairbrush

Hairbrushes are thought to be the worst household items for harbouring bacteria, with studies ranking them up above sink plugholes and dog bowls. The build-up of hair and dead skin on these brushes is the perfect breeding ground for germs and is thought to be a leading cause of skin irritation and scalp problems. Make sure that you’re washing or replacing your brush regularly.

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Gerald Whitney

Saturday 12th of May 2018

Such a informative article it is. I think these all tips are helpful for all who faced or facing such kind of problem. I am also going for apply this and hope so it will work for me. Thanks for the sharing such a informative article with all of us.

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