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Best Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas

Checking your spending habits and being frugal is the first step to saving money and not spending cash unnecessarily. This way of budgeting and working with your money ensures that you do not get overwhelmed with debt or end up with more month than money.

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Being conscious of spending money does not necessarily mean the gifts you give to loved ones must be cheap. And, mindful gifts are often far more sincere and special than lavish ones. 

Let’s explore some budget-friendly gift ideas for loved ones, colleagues and the numerous kiddie parties your children may attend each month. These great and affordable ideas go a long way to add sentimentality and thoughtfulness to gift giving that will delight anyone. 

Friends and Family

If you are an avid gardener and have a host of beautiful flowers, plants or leaves growing in your backyard, consider giving a home-made floral bouquet to a grandmother, aunt or teacher as a gift. Finish the bouquet off with a beautiful ribbon, tissue paper and a hand-made birthday, anniversary or congratulatory message! Grannies are bound to love this!

Make home-made cookies, fudge, bath salt scrubs, spice rubs or herb infused cooking oils in mason jars as gifts. Kind to the environment and kinder to your pocket! Add natural tweed ribbon and handwritten descriptions to the gifts for that extra special touch!

At Work

If your place of work has a canteen or a car valet service, consider clubbing together and purchasing a voucher for service options in and around the workplace. These gifts are often handy, and they save the birthday recipient paying for a service and let them enjoy a birthday certificate. Create the birthday certificate online with a template that can add a photo in of the team who contributed to the gift. This would be a neat idea bound to make anyone smile!

If there are no services appropriate for a gift certificate, find a family photo on your colleague’s social media profile (if you are part of their network), and have it framed for their work desk. Turn the photo into a mouse pad or coffee cup if their desk is already full of framed photos. Ask someone to bake a cake or a sweet treat and surprise them with these gifts. 

Children’s Birthday Parties

Attending children’s parties all year round can cost a small fortune, but there are ways to budget for these parties accordingly to satisfy both the young mind and the bank balance. Browse the bargain bins at toy stores from time to time, and stock up on sale items that can be given as gifts later. 

If you can knit or crochet (or have a family member who can), consider adding a home-made item to the gift such as their favorite cartoon character, or personalize a stationery bag with their name sewn on. Personalizing gifts for children is a great way to spoil them whilst saving on expensive gifts that may break or not entertain them them for long. 

There are various ways you can spoil people with gifts, but be conscientious of cost saving at the same time. All it takes is a little imagination, planning and research.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.