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Best Lower Ab Workouts

Best Lower Ab Workouts

Getting the elusive eight-pack abs, and chiseling out the perfect abdominal V-shape is not as hard as it seems. However, a lot of ab exercises only focus on the upper, mid, and oblique abdominals when toning and flattening your mid-section. To help you achieve perfection, we’ve selected five lower ab workouts that can help you develop your perfect physique.

  1. Reverse Crunches

Lying flat on your back with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle, contract your lower abs by lifting your butt off the floor and pulling your knees towards your chest. Your back should remain flat on the floor and not engaged in the movement as it will deactivate the lower half of your core. Once your knees reach your chest, slowly lower them back down to the starting position and repeat this movement over for about 10-20 repetitions.

  1. Hanging Leg Raise

Hanging from a pull up bar, with your hands shoulder-width apart and your back straight, contract your lower abs and raise your legs upward until they reach parallel to the floor. Do not swing your legs, rock, or use momentum to perform this activity. You need to slowly grind them out using only you lower abs to perform the movement. Repeat for 10-20 reps.

Note: This is an advanced activity so if you’re a beginner, we don’t recommend trying to do it right off the bat. Reverse crunches are a great way to develop your lower core strength so that you can then progress to this movement.

  1. V Hold/Yoga Boat

Lying on the floor with your hands at your side, begin lifting your legs and torso up to about 45 degrees so that your body forms a V shape in the movement. Keep your legs as straight as you can and maintain a good, strong posture throughout the movement. Brace your core and hold the movement for 30 seconds (beginner) to 2 minutes (advanced).

  1. Knee Tucks

This is another activity that requires equipment to perform correctly. TRX straps, or something similar is what you will need to perform the movement.

Placing both feet into the straps, move into a full push up position while maintaining a flat back and stable upper body. With your feet now suspended, pull you knees to your chest by contracting your lower abs. Hold the contraction for about 1 second and then thrust your legs back to the starting position of a full push up. Repeat for 10-20 reps.

  1. Bench V Ups

Using a flat bench, sit perpendicular to its length. Root your body into the bench with your butt firmly seated and your hands gripping the back. Extend your legs forward until your body is straight, being parallel to the floor, then pull your lower and upper torso up together so that your body forms a V with your quads.  Your knees should be bent at the top of the movement. Release back into the starting position and perform 10-20 reps.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.