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Better Air For A Better Home

Better Air For A Better Home

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You will find that there are times when the air in your home isn’t quite as fresh as you would like it. This is usually the case in the winter months when we can’t leave the windows open for too long as it will let a lot of cold air in from outside. As a result, all the air in the property becomes quite stale, which can often lead to bad odors and smells develop. In some extreme cases, the stale air could also cause some health conditions, such as asthma and the common cold.

Do you think it’s time you tried to freshen up the air in your rooms? Here are some ideas how you can do just that.

Get Carpets Professionally Cleaned

When we think about freshening up the air in our homes, I’m sure that not many people will consider cleaning their carpets. But this can be a big help as carpets and other types of soft floorings can be popular breeding grounds for mites and bugs. Not only that, though, but dust and dead hair can also gather in the fibers. None of this dust will be visible, but it can easily get kicked up into the air and spread around the rooms. So, get your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis to keep any nasties out of the air in your rooms!

Prevent The Development Of Mold

If you know that some of your rooms are prone to developing mold on the walls, it’s important that you try and get rid of it completely. Mold is one of the main causes of a stuffy smell and the more it develops, the more your home will smell. There are a few different mold treatments, but the easiest one for homeowners is to buy the anti-mold paint that is available in most DIY stores.

Use Air Fresheners And Diffusers

If the stale smell in your home isn’t terribly bad, you should be able to cover it up. Home fragrance diffuser machines just need to be turned on and they will start releasing a fresh fragrance into your home. You should be able to buy different scents to put in your machine. There are also air freshener diffusers that can be plugged into the wall. They release scents into a room around the clock and usually last a week or so.  

Dry Laundry Outside

Whenever the weather allows, you should always try and dry your clothes outside. Whenever you dry laundry inside on a clothes horse, the drying process will produce a lot of condensation which will hang around in the air and cause a stale smell. Even if the weather isn’t that great outside, you should still try and refrain from drying laundry indoors. For instance, you might want to time your washes for good weather or buy a tumble dryer.

Hopefully, all of the tips above help you get fresher air. Once the air is better, you’ll notice your home feels a lot fresh as a whole!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.