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Budget Tips for Decorating Apartments

Budget Tips for Decorating Apartments

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a student, chances are, any city dweller will live in an apartment at some time in their life. Making that flat work for you and decorating it not only so that you like the aesthetic, but so that you feel home, is how you carve your own small piece of the city out. You don’t need to spend all your money straight away, you just need to be patient, and creative. How you decorate can make use of empty space, can make you feel cozy, and can make you feel calm.


That is, after all, the most important thing about home; that you can relax in it. If you cannot, then the entire point of having a home is moot. You need a safe place that you can go to after a hard day at work or university. You need a place that you can hole up in when you are sick. You need a place that once you’re there, you immediately calm down. The stresses of the outside world cannot get to you at home. It’s not just a place for you to sleep, it’s a place for you to reenergize. Follow these budget tips for decorating apartments, whether it’s student room or a flat near your work:

  1. Make it Warm

This decorating tip deals with all things cozy. It means getting thick rugs for hardwood floors, and it means choosing warmer colors for your throws, blankets and your rugs so that you can feel perfectly comfortable, even during winter. The key, however, is to make these fixes look great. That way, not only will your apartment be beautiful, you’ll also have means to stay warmer, without putting the heating on throughout the day.

Tip: If you choose a great Bristol student accommodation option like the ones that Ameros Student Mansions offer, then you don’t need to worry about conserving energy! All your utility bills are included in the rent, so you can keep your flat as warm or as cool as you want it to be.

  1. Frame Your Photos

Posters are cheap, but they can also look cheap. That is why when you want to properly decorate your home, you need to frame them. Frames can be bought cheaply online if the poster is of a standard size, or they can be thrifted from places like Goodwill.

  1. Use Your Walls

Since you don’t have a lot of floor space or shelf space, most of your decorating efforts should be focused on your walls. Use the empty space in your apartment as much as possible to make the space feel bigger. Have galleries of pictures or even a statement piece of art: something that you really love.

  1. Decorate Slowly

The decorations in your apartment should reflect who you are, and your life. As such, hold off on buying a bunch of decorations at once. Instead, buy one thing at a time.

Decorating apartments needs to be done slowly, because you don’t have the luxury of floors upon floors of space. Use your walls as much as you can, and otherwise try to make all your other decorating choices have function, as well as aesthetic. The more work your decorations do, the better.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.