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Building Warmth Into Your New Home

Does your home feel cold? If you’re currently unpacking all of your possessions, there’s a good chance the answer is yes. After all, you’ve just moved in and you’ve got a lot of settling to do, and that takes time and effort, especially if you’re uncomfortable with the cold feeling that comes with not really knowing a place! 

However, don’t let yourself worry too much. Making your new home a cozy and comfortable place to be doesn’t have to be hard, and that’s why we’ve put this post together. Building warmth into a new home can be quite simple when you know what you’re doing! 

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Insulate Your Pipes

The first thing to do is to check on your plumbing, in both your kitchen and your bathroom, as well as where the water tank is kept. In doing so, you’ll be able to safeguard your pipes against cold temperatures and potentially freezing conditions in the future, which goes a long way to keeping your home warm and your water hot!

Without a bit of gauze wrapped around pipes in exposed areas, it’ll become very easy for the water to get trapped by freezing and expanding. This in turn could lead to the pipes bursting in multiple places, which could flood your new home and cost hundreds to try and repair. 

Cover Your Floors

Maybe you had a lot of decluttering to do before the move, or maybe you don’t have enough furniture – either way, your home feels cold because it’s a bit empty, and you don’t have the budget to outfit every single room yet. But don’t worry! The furniture setup of your dreams comes with time, but in the here and now, you can use carpet to your clever advantage here. 

After all, the more carpet there is in your home, the warmer it’s going to feel to walk around in. And if you decide to lay down carpet, and then layer a rug or two on top, you’re going to add a little more dimension to your home. That’ll make it feel less empty, and you’ll love digging your toes in during cold nights in front of the fire! 

Eliminate Air Leaks

It’s likely that your home is a bit draughty right now; if you’re not sure of the insulation status of the walls or windows, you’re going to want to look into this as soon as possible. Without proper insulation to keep the cold, damp weather out, it’s going to be impossible to keep your home warm, and you may even find it difficult to dry your clothes on laundry day! 

For now, go around your home and identify air leaks. Under doors, through poor window seals, and check for holes in the floor and roof too. Get some draught excluders or simply some towels and bundle up these gaps for better warming results. 

Is your new home cold? Make it a cozy place to be with tips like those above at your disposal! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.