A patio is a great spot where one can set up dinning space, outdoor family ‘room’ or an entertainment spot. Nothing makes the most of a warm summer day than lounging in your patio seat with a book and a chilled drink.  Similarly, you can gather around a pit fire at night roasting marshmallows and swapping stories. 

No matter how small your outdoor space is, you can always spice it up with furniture. You can convert a drab balcony, deck, veranda or patio to an inviting space with the right set. 

Patio furniture otherwise known as garden furniture is furniture that is used outdoors. Many people fixate about the difference between a deck, patio, balcony, veranda or porch and the right terminology for furniture used in them. That is why some people refer to them as garden furniture to depict that they are outdoor furniture. 

You can check out this article if you are interested in knowing the differences between these outdoor spaces. 

There are so many options available that one can get confused. Therefore, in this article, we would share some tips on how to get the best patio furniture set. 

Factors To Consider When Shopping For Patio Furniture

Before you embark on shopping for furniture for your outdoor space, there are many factors to consider. Settling these issues would make the difference between a worthwhile purchase and a waste of time and money. 

The following are some of the factors to consider:-

Purpose Of The Space

Most important on the list for us is a consideration of the purpose of the place. Do you want to use it for outdoor dining, or for an outdoor family room or just a lounging space? The purpose for the spot would determine the type of furniture you would go for. 

Available Space

Next in order of importance on our list is the size of the space to be outfitted. You need to measure the dimensions and also take into the consideration room for moving around the set. 

Style And Design

When you measure the available space that you have to work with, it would help you to determine the type of set to buy. By this we mean the style and design that would best suit the place. 

If you want to use it for outdoor dining, it goes without saying that you would need a dining set. For lounging or entertaining, you definitely would need a chaise lounge set. These are just examples of the correlation between the function/purpose of the spot, available space and the design and style to be chosen.

Check out this site for inspiration for style and design for your patio: https://www.pinterest.com/homedepot/patio-style-challenge/

Good Quality Material And Durability 

When you have concluded on the style and design that you want to go with, ensure that the set is made with good quality material. This is because the quality of the material determines the longevity. 

There are arguments for and against almost all types of materials. But the most important thing is to note the climate of your region. Different weather conditions affect materials differently; so you need to note this. 

If you live in a humid region, it is best to avoid materials that encourage the growth of mold. Some other materials would fade easily in sunlight while others are water resistant. This information is important as it would help you determine which material works best for you

Ease of Use And Maintenance

Another factor to consider is the ease of use of the set and the maintenance. Choosing furniture that is easy to clean is important because it would also determine how long it would look good. 

Some experts recommend resin wicker while others recommend wrought iron or aluminium. We would not categorically tell you the material to use/choose but we would insist that you get a set that is easy to clean and maintain. 


Before you check out what may be considered as the best patio furniture sets, ensure that you have storage space for it. This is important because you would need to put them away when they are not in use (wet seasons). 

If however, you do not have adequate storage space, you should look out for foldable sets. This would help you to put them away without taking up too much space. 


It is recommended that you look out for sales when you want to buy patio/ garden furniture. They typically go on sale between August and October; this is because stores want to clear out summer stock so as to restock for fall.  Also note that the best time to buy these types of products is as far away from summer months as possible. 


Getting the best patio furniture set goes a long way in helping you make the most of your outdoor space. We believe that these tips that we have shared would help you to make an informed decision as you prepare to enjoy your space. 

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