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Best Tips to Remove Coffee Stains

You’ve quite recently plunked down to drink your morning mix, when ‘oh no’, you’ve spilled it all over you’re fresh out of the plastic new carpet. Feel that terrible dark-colored stain is there for good? Reconsider, because, in this article, we present two mainstream strategies for removing coffee stains in carpets. Similarly, as with any […] Read more…

DIY 60s-Style Hair Bun #MadMenParty

This hairstyle is super easy! All you need is a hair donut. How to Create a 60s-style Hair Bun: 1. Gather hair into a ponytail and fasten with an elastic. 2. Pull the ponytail through the hole in the donut and slide down to the ponytail base. 3. Spread hair into sections over the donut. […] Read more…

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