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Celebrate National Soup Month With the Original SoupMan! #SoupManFan

This is a review in partnership with The Niche Parent Network & Conference. All opinions are my own.

Soup Man

  “No soup for you!” Do you remember that famous episode of Seinfeld? The Original SoupMan’s world famous soups were famous long before the famous “Seinfeld” episode that inspired the Soup Nazi character on Seinfeld’s “No soup for you!” episode. It’s cold outside on this Super Bowl Sunday and forecasts are calling for even more cold weather across the nation. A warm, delicious bowl of soup keeps you warm making soup an ideal dish or meal on a cold day. The Original SoupMan soups may be served as a starter dish, an entire meal, or combined with other ingredients for a delicious, new recipe. See individual packages for recipe suggestions. I will serving small bowls of warm soup along side my other appetizers for the big game today. The Original SoupMan soups come in 7 flavors: Jambalaya, Chicken Gumbo, Lentil, Lobster Bisque, Crab & Corn, Tomato Bisque, and, of course, Chicken Noodle. I decided to try the Chicken Gumbo first and it was so hearty! I am not a big fan of spicy, and it had just a little kick to it that I could handle. It has just the right chicken to rice to vegetables ratio. Even though there are 2 servings per box, I finished off the whole thing! It was so tasty!

Soup Man Chicken Gumbo

I also appreciate the packaging. Most soups I have eaten come in a can. I have to bust out the can opener and wreck my wrists trying to open the can. These soups come in easy to open boxes. You just flip up the top flap and tear across and pour! Just heat for a few minutes on the stove and it’s ready to enjoy. Your family will absolutely love this soup! Available at over 500 Walmart locations, over 750 Stop & Shop, 1400 Safeway stores, Giant, Martin’s Supermarkets, plus other grocers across the nation, fans  can enjoy The SoupMan’s original recipes in the comfort of their own home. Find a store near you here:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.