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Common Ways You’re Ruining Your Home Without Even Knowing It

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As a homeowner, you will want to do everything you can to protect your home and keep it in good condition, not only because it is likely to be the most expensive thing you will ever buy, and by some margin, but also because a home that is in good order is much nicer to live in too.

Unfortunately, many of you reading this will actually be ruining your home right now without even knowing it! That may sound hard to believe, but there are so many things that we do or do not do every day that could impact our homes immensely.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most common ways people are running their homes without even knowing it, so you can avoid doing the same:

Leaving the blinds open

Leaving the blinds open all day may seem like a very normal thing to do. However, it could be causing your furniture to fade and your wooden floors to similarly fade and warp. The sun is extremely powerful, and the more exposure your home interior has to it, the more likely it is that its harsh rays will do some serious damage.

Getting rid of downspout extensions

Downspout extensions are the long gutter pipes that run along with the property at ground level. Many homeowners remove them because they are not exactly the most attractive of features, However, doing so could put your home at risk of flooding, cause the foundations to crack, and even attract pests. So, if you want to avoid having to call pest control in or even worse, having to worry about the structural integrity of your home, leave them be, or if you’ve already removed them, install some new ones. 

Using chemical cleaners in the kitchen

Specifically on painted cabinets. Although this will not do any immediate damage, if you regularly use harsh chemical cleaners on your painted kitchen cabinets, they will start to wear the finish down until they start to look dull, and eventually, the original cabinetry comes through and makes your kitchen look shabby. Avoid bleach and ammonia, and your cabinets will look better for longer.

Never draining the water heater

If you do not take the time to drain your water heater at least annually, then you could risk it cracking and breaking and that would be an expensive problem to put right. You see, when your heater is in use, mineral deposits will start to collect and stick to the heater where they can cause corrosion, By draining it and clearing it up once a year, you can make sure that does not happen.

Leaving wet towels in the floor

If you have floors that are wooden or laminate leaving wet towels on the ground regularly could cause the flooring to buckle and eventually lift, It’s basically the same as leaving a puddle of water on the floor for days on end.

If you can avoid doing these foolish things to your home, then you will stand a much better chance of keeping it in great condition!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.