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Cooking Classy: 5 Top Kitchen Tools to Help You Become Your Chef

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The kitchen is one of the most favorite corners in the house by homemakers, moms, dads, and any family member who has a niche for cooking. Why not? It’s the place where you freely express yourselves through the hearty meals you prepare for yourselves and even for the sake of your passion. 

And if indeed your passion is cooking, your kitchen is the best place for you to try out all the videos about cooking shows you’ve seen on the television or YouTube. The cool thing about this is that no one will judge you since you are your master chef. Thus, you can retry again in case your creation fails your expectations. 

However, all mouth-watering and delectable meals you’re imagining won’t come to life if you don’t have the essential kitchen tools to help you make them happen. Therefore, suggested below are the seven top kitchen tools to help you become your chef.

Frying Pan 

No one can run a kitchen without a frying pan since it’s one of the essential kitchen equipment every household, restaurant, or food truck has. Without frying pans, you won’t be able to cook the very best of breakfasts. You can’t fry eggs, bacon, hams, and whatnot.

Also, frying pans are one of the most versatile kitchen utensils in your kitchen since they can also be used for steaming and frying gyoza, making breakfast pancakes, or even searing steaks. 

However, you must have the ideal frying pans and not some random pans to help you achieve how you want your meals to taste and look. Thus, this guide on Foodal lists the top choices for the best frying pans you’ll ever see within your lifetime.

Vegetable Peeler

The vegetable peeler’s uses may be overlooked most of the time. But it is indeed one of the most useful kitchen pieces you’ll have in your kitchen. You know that peeling takes up so much of your time. Worse, peeling becomes all too dangerous as well when you’re in a hurry since you might cut your fingers. Hence, the need for a peeler.

Further, for the most apparent reasons, you cannot cook without the necessary ingredients. And most of these ingredients must be peeled first, such as potatoes, carrots, and the like. But if you’re only using a knife or peelers that are not of high quality, you might run the risk of cutting out the vegetables’ nutritious flesh. Thus, to avoid this, you must buy peelers that are made with advanced cutting blades.

Non-stick Cookware 

Cookwares are another indispensable kitchen utensil since these serve as your cooking vessels as they are directly exposed to heat to nicely cook the food, meat, and the like inside it. 

However, when these cookwares are overheated, they release toxic fumes that adversely affect your health. And these fumes, when inhaled, can cause lung injury. Moreover,  its symptoms can be mild or intense. They may be cough, fever, fast heart rate, and bluish coloring around nails and lips.

Thus, to avoid these perils, you must purchase or replace your old cookware with non-stick cookware. Non-stick cookware has a coating made of refined natural minerals that do not contain lead or cadmium, which are the sole factor for releasing fumes. Hence, with this type of cookware, you need not worry about its toxicity.

Further, it improves your health since you get to cook your food with less grease because the food will simply slide right out of your non-stick bowl or pan. Therefore, with less grease or oil, you can cook your food with fewer calories. And with fewer calories, your cholesterol levels will indeed reduce. 

Sharp Knives

Knives, to be essential to your cooking experience, must be, first and foremost, sharp. Dull knives affect the delicacy and texture of the food. Sometimes it makes the food look ugly. On the contrary, sharp blades make delicate food and ingredients look fresher and more elegant if cut and sliced cleanly and nicely. Herbs, tomatoes, lambs, fish, and the like must be appropriately sliced to avoid damage to them. 

Further, sharp knives are safer to use since you won’t exert more effort to use them, thereby avoiding cutting your fingers. Thus, make sure that your knives are sharpened regularly.

Coffee Maker

A coffee maker will always be a favorite kitchen tool and a must-have for breakfasts, busy days, or some afternoon delight. Moreover, one of its advantages is getting to taste and drink your favorite coffee without even going to coffee shops since you get to brew it yourself. 

Lastly, if your schedule is too hectic, you can always grab your coffee maker and make yourself a hot cup of coffee any time of the day.


Becoming your chef is not impossible when you have the suggested kitchen tools mentioned above. These are essential kitchen pieces that you must invest in to cook and prepare the best meals for yourself and your loved ones. Thus, never hesitate to write these down on your list.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.