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Cut Back on Waxing and Shaving with Laser Hair Removal

Cut Back on Waxing and Shaving with Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

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Waxing and shaving hair away is annoying, but it’s also a fact of life for many of us. It’s seen as a necessary evil, but what if it wasn’t always as necessary as you think? The truth is that you can cut back on waxing and shaving dramatically by having unwanted hair removed with laser devices.

Lasers Are More Accurate Than Razors

The first reason to try laser hair removal is that lasers are a lot more accurate than the razors you are probably using at home. If you have ever finished shaving only to discover that you missed stray hairs, you know how frustrating that can be. The lasers used in clinics are designed for pinpoint accuracy. You won’t have to worry about them skipping over any hairs at all in the treated area.

Hairs Won’t Reappear for a While

The laser hair removal method is also useful because hairs won’t reappear for a while. That’s because the machines can actually treat the follicles, or roots. When the roots of the hairs are heated up they get damaged, and then the hair takes a lot longer to regrow. The effects are much more long lasting than if you just remove the hair you can see above the surface. In fact, some treated hairs may never regrow after laser therapy.

Finding the Right Laser Device Can be Challenging

If you are going to look into using laser hair removal equipment, you should be aware that they aren’t all capable of properly treating the same people. In fact, some of them can actually damage certain people’s skin.

For one thing, if your skin is oily you might need to avoid laser treatments entirely. They can heat up the oils and cause burns in rare instances. Also, some lasers are better at removing darker hairs on people with lighter skin. Those with darker skin and comparatively lighter hair might not get good results from those machines. But the good news is that advancements in the technology mean that, if you are in one of those groups, you might still be eligible for the treatment. It just could take a little extra time to find the right device for you.

Managing Your Long-Term Hair Removal Expectations

Of course, it’s important to have realistic expectations about the laser hair removal process. For example, you can’t expect one treatment to remove all of your unwanted hair for good. It takes several treatments to damage or destroy hair follicles enough to slow down or entirely prevent regrowth. However, it will take the hair quite a bit longer to grow back between treatments than it would between shaving treatments.

Another thing you have to remain realistic about is that you will probably still have to shave away unwanted hair sometimes. Laser treatment doesn’t permanently get rid of all hair. However, the hair that regrows should be finer and lighter. There should also be less of it, and it should show up less often. So, you could go from shaving or waxing multiple times a week to once, or maybe even less often than that. That will definitely save you both embarrassment and time in the long run.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.