Daily Goodie Box December Unboxing & Review

Product Review Disclosure

I signed up for Daily Goodie Box absolutely love it! Daily Goodie Box provides an assortment of samples to please everyone in your household! Whoever gets this box is truly lucky, because not everyone will get it every month. But it is worth the wait! Daily Goodie Box is totally free and you don’t pay shipping. It is easy to sign up. You only have to answer a handful of questions about your household.

Here is what I received in my December Goodie box:

The Chia Co Chia Shots 10 Pack – $7.17
Quest Nutrition Cinnamon Cereal Protein Bar – $1.80
SmartyPants Adult Probiotic Complete – $0.42
Bitsy’s Brainfood Orange Chocolate Beet Smart Cookies – $1
DudeProducts Quick DUDE Shower Wipes – $1
Protes Tangy Southern BBQ Chips – $1.75
Darrell Lea Strawberry Flavor Liquorice – $3.69
Älsa Energy Drink Mix – $4.94
Natralia Anti-itch Soothing Cream – $12.99
Crunchmaster Multi-Crackers – $0.37

TOTAL VALUE = $35.13

I can’t believe the value of this totally FREE box! It is incredible!

The Protes chips were spicy!! I can handle a fair amount of spice, but whooooeee. I accept spice as a challenge and they were still delicious. The crackers were delicious as well. They were not dry like a lot of other multi-grain crackers. The Smart Cookies were better than I imagined. I definitely tasted the orange right away!

The Cereal Protein Bar is so tasty! I can definitely taste the glaze of a cinnamon roll in it. The highlight of this box for me was the liquorice. One of my favorite candies, I prefer the chewy kind. This liquorice was so soft and chewy!

I may have eaten the whole bag in one sitting.

I love that this box includes full size products too! This anti-itch soothing cream is perfect for winter! Maybe it’s my age, but all of a sudden I have this weird rash on my back that turned into little scabs, probably from all my scratching! TMI, sorry. But this is perfect. And how great is it that they include something for men? I feel like most freebies are geared towards women.

These Chia Shots have made an appearance in this box before, but they are great for putting in salads. I love me some energy drink mixes because I don’t drink coffee. It’s okay, you can shriek in horror. I just never got into it. And yay for probiotics! Remember what I said earlier about getting older? Yeah, I need these in my life.

So that’s my box! What did you think? I am so happy with the sizes of all the products and the value of this box. You can sign up for Daily Goodie Box and see if you qualify here.

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