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DailyLook #1 Review – April 2015

DailyLook #1 Review – April 2015


After trying Stitch Fix and falling in love, I wanted to try another monthly styling service called DailyLook. They offer a 3-month free trial, which is awesome! After that, the styling fee is $20 per month, which is then applied to your order if you decide to keep some items. Keep what you like, return what you don’t. Pay only for what you keep. It’s just like Stitch Fix, except the style of clothing is a little different. Each box contains 5-8 exclusively hand-selected items that will generally range from $50-$250. I do like that they send more clothing than Stitch Fix. This is not meant to be a comparison, as each box is unique.

DailyLook Origami Mini Skort – $44.99 [Return]

I never wear anything mini. I don’t have the kind of legs that you show off.

DailyLook #1 - DailyLook Origami Mini Skort


DailyLook Pleated A-Line Midi Dress – $64.99 [Keep]

I immediately fell in love with this dress when I realized it has POCKETS!! I’ve always wanted a dress with pockets. This dress is heavy enough that I can wear it year round if I wear a shirt underneath it in winter.

DailyLook #1 - DailyLook Pleated A-Line Midi Dress

DailyLook Gauzy Oversized Tank – $24.99 [Return]

I really wanted to love this shirt, but the pocket is so low that it hangs funny on me.

DailyLook #1 - DailyLook Gauzy Oversized Tank


BB Dakota Galice Coat – $127.99 [Return, purchase elsewhere]

I have been looking for a peacoat that I love for a very long time. The long, winter dress coat I have in my closet is 10 years old and is in dire need of a tailor. This BB Dakota coat is not only my favorite color, but it is so darn cute! I love it! My picture does not do it justice. It looks great with the collar popped. I was really disappointed that this was sent in a Medium. I can wear shirts that are a medium, but coats need to be a size Large so they fit over all my layers. So, it did not fit me. Not wanting to ask for an exchange, a quick Google search led me to Amazon, where I found this coat in my size and $40 cheaper. #winning

DailyLook #1 - BB Dakota Galice Coat


Madeline Ashton Cable Knit Sweater – $49.99 [Return]

This sweater looks awesome under the Midi Dress I received, but it was a size too small. So back it goes.

DailyLook #1 - Madeline Ashton Cable Knit Sweater


Baggu Leather Crossbody Purse – $119.99 [Return]

For that price, I guess it’s real leather! Definitely not my style though, so I sent it back. I actually have plenty of crossbody purses anyways.

DailyLook #1 - Baggu Leather Crossbody Purse

MK Tencel Tunic Dress – $54.99 [Return]

I don’t do tunic dresses like this for a reason. I have hips. This did not fit but had it, it would have looked great with a skinny belt. I really like the detail on the sleeves.

DailyLook #1 - Tencel Tunic Dress


DailyLook Blank Space Ring – $12.99 [Return]

I love the style and think the price is right on, but I have a similar ring.

DailyLook #1 - Blank Space Ring


So after all that, I only ended up buying one piece from the box, but I “discovered” the BB Dakota coat and was able to find it elsewhere. I love these two pieces, so I am very happy with this box. Out of curiosity, I searched the rest of the items and could not find them listed on other sites at a cheaper price. DailyLook also sells their brand on Amazon so you won’t be able to find them at a discount.

order1order 2

Start your 3-month free trial today! You can cancel at any time and there is no obligation to buy anything. It is so much fun to get these boxes and try on clothes. Check it out!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.