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My Day at the Colorado Renaissance Festival [Pictures]

The Colorado Renaissance Festival is Colorado’s premier summertime event. Take a magical tour through time and legend as hundreds of colorfully costumed characters entertain continuously upon the village streets and on the Festival’s 10 stages. More than 200 period artisans sell their one-of-a-kind works and demonstrate their unique crafts along the wooded streets and pathways.

FREE Child’s Admission – Save $9 at the Colorado Renaissance Festival

This was my first time at the Renaissance Festival, so I didn’t really know what to expect. We left early to avoid the long lines. We planned to arrive a half-hour early, and I am glad we did. The line of cars to park at the festival was a couple miles long already! When we arrived, the “king” and “queen” were at the entrance waving to everyone. All the festival workers had amazing costumes and talked like they were from the times.

First, we went to see a show called Great Balls of Fire. Wilsome Fire, a Magician of Fire Manipulation, put on amazing fire displays! My favorite trick was called Blowing a Kiss.


I was really excited to get my first Henna tattoo. This little beauty was only $10, and the artist embellished it a little bit, making it even more beautiful. I have had it for 3 weeks and it is still visible!


She worked so quickly! She had been doing Henna art for 12 years!


I don’t have any real tattoos, so this was very fun and different for me.



The most popular event was the jousting arena. We missed the beginning of the show, but we got to see the jousters do tricks like catching rings on the long lances. This must be so hard! The lances are so large, they must be really heavy.


If you are looking for some laughs, you have to check out the hypnotist. He hypnotizes people and gets them to act certain ways in different situations and it is very funny.


The Renaissance Festival experience wouldn’t be complete without divulging in a big turkey leg. I was skeptical, as I have had turkey legs before and am not too fond of dark meat. However, one bite into this turkey leg and I was in heaven. It was the best turkey I’ve ever had. I don’t know what their secret is, but I devoured this turkey let so fast.


It was a very hot day so we did not stay too long, but we stayed long enough to see the king’s parade! Everyone parades through the festival grounds, which is a cool way to see all the entertainers. The costumes are so exquisite and the craftsmanship is amazing.



I was surprised at how much shopping there was to do. It was very cool to see all the different types of craftsman ship and things you don’t find in your everyday stores.

The Colorado Renaissance Festival runs every weekend through August 3.

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