In 2012, the United States ranked at number 34 when it came to countries that have the highest rate of cigarette smokers. The highest ranked country was Serbia with an annual average of 2,861 cigarettes smoked per person. The US averaged at 1,000 cigarettes smoked per individual per year. Fortunately, cigarette smokers in the US reduced from 20.9% of the population in 2005 to 16.8% in 2014. This decline is commendable, but it is also slow. A new method of quitting this habit is now possible and it is popular. Here is the most popular way to decrease your tobacco use on a budget.

  1. Vaping Reduces Your Cleaning Costs

Smoke from cigarettes contains an odor that irritates many people. It settles on upholstery, curtains, and clothes as well. The smell goes away after some time. Sometimes, it can take as much as six hours before it disappears. Chronic smoking leads to persistent smells. Consequently, chain smokers take their curtains and carpets to the cleaners more frequently than nonsmokers do. Tobacco alternatives such as herbal cigarettes lead to the same problem because they contain plant material as well. Vaping, on the other hand, helps you decrease your tobacco use on a budget because it uses e-juice. This juice is odorless, and therefore, it leaves no smell on your upholstery.

  1. Vaping Reduces Environmental Costs

Cigarettes have three main parts, i.e., tobacco rod, cigarette paper, and a filter. The cigarette paper holds the tobacco rod in place as you smoke. The filter blocks the heavy impurities from reaching your lungs. You have to dispose of it once you finish smoking the tobacco rod. Most people have ashtrays for that. They also use these trays for depositing the ash that burned tobacco rod produces. Cigarettes that lack tobacco contain these three constituent parts as well although the rod has other plant material and not tobacco. In contrast, buying ashtrays is unnecessary when you are vaping. Remember, e-cigarettes do not have filters and they do not produce ashes.

  1. Vaping Offers You Variety at No Additional Costs

The most famous varieties of tobacco products are clove and menthol cigarettes. Bidis and cigars are also highly sought after tobacco products. Different types of conventional cigarettes exist as well. The difference in conventional cigarettes arises from their level of refinement. These varieties have varying prices. For example, a cigar costs an average of $2 to $50 depending on its quality while an average cigarette costs $0.63. That means going for a new flavor might cost you loads of cash. Vaping helps you decrease your tobacco use on a budget by offering you different varieties of cheap e-juice.  

  1. Vaping Does Not Lead To the Production of Tar

The burning of tobacco and other plant materials in a cigarette leads to the production of tar. Smoking of tobacco alternatives such as herbal cigarettes leads to the production of the same substance. It is worth noting that tar is harmful to your health. For example, it can lead to coughing, shortness of breath, and emphysema. These conditions lead to rising medical costs. The use of e-juice as the principal ingredient in your e-cigarette does not lead to the production of tar. Consequently, your medical costs will not rise because the absence of tar reduces your risk of developing illnesses.


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