Bistro Bus


Delizios Bistro and Wine Bar in Littleton, Colorado has a food truck called The Bistro Bus. The owner himself is in the truck taking your order. He is a very friendly fellow. The Bistro Bus offers different gourmet sandwiches and each comes with a side. You get to choose from mixed greens, pasta salad, and I forget what the third option was. I ordered The Provence, which consists of chicken, apple, and buttery brie served with their own Merlot wine jam on a ciabatta bun. Um, YUM! You can see their full food truck menu here. As you can see, I chose the pasta salad as my side. I love a good pasta salad, and this was delicious!!!

It was really warm out today, so I wasn’t sure if a hot sandwich would be good, but the merlot wine jam was so refreshing! The warm apple was something I’ve never had on a sandwich, but it just made it taste so fresh. Normally I don’t go for food trucks that have a main restaurant, but I never get out to Littleton. I’m glad they came out my way!

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