Two weeks ago I wrote about how I was introduced to Food Trucks and how I discovered there were scheduled appearances for the food trucks near my office. Today I visited Saj Express. Saj Xpress serves Mediterranean specialties such as Chicken or Beef Shawarma seasoned with Mediterranean spices, Falafel, Fatoush, Tabouli, Baba Ghanooj, Baklava, and more. They use 100% natural ingredients. The first time I ever heard of shawarma was from Tony Stark in the extra scene at the end of The Avengers. I’ve been wanting to try it ever since.



I ordered the beef shawarma with tahini sauce, side of falafel, and baklava. I usually don’t get sides when I order from food trucks, but for this I just had to go all out! Tahini is a sesame seed paste pureed with yogurt and lemon juice. I love sauces that use yogurt because they are so light and fresh tasting. The wrap consisted of shawarma, potatoes, rice, tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, lettuce, and tahini sauce. It was so messy that I eventually cut it up and put it in a bowl. When food is messy, you know it’s amazing!



The falafel was also delicious and I had never had falafel quite like this. They provided dipping sauce, but it was flavorful enough without it.


Don’t miss another food truck opportunity in Denver. Visit Food Truck Row for a calendar of appearances.

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