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Do Stretch Marks Go Away? Understanding How to Treat Them

Did you know that women are more likely to get stretch marks than compared to men?

According to studies, 43% to 88% of pregnant women end up with these marks on their bodies. Many people don’t want these marks to be noticeable, so how do stretch marks go away?

Scroll down to learn more about stretch marks and how you can help treat them.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks, or striae distensae, are scars on the body that appear after growth or weight loss.

Some of the more common times that people will experience striae are during puberty, pregnancy, or extreme weight loss or gain. Many people notice them near their arms, stomach, breasts, hips, and thighs. However, they can appear practically anywhere on the body.

Stretch marks typically appear in long, narrow streaks, or stripes. They can even form in lines and are normally parallel to each other. The newer the scars are, the brighter purple or red they will appear. Over time, stretch marks appear grey or white on the skin.

It is also very common to feel ridges, indentations, or bumps if you run your finger over the stretch marks. Try applying aloe vera if the marks are causing pain or irritation.

Even people in Ancient Egypt were looking for stretch marks remedies. Fortunately, there are ways to treat this problem.

How Are They Formed?

The human skin is elastic, but when it is over-stretched, collagen production is disrupted and then stretch marks appear on the skin.

The second layer of skin (dermis) is filled with collagen, which ends up pulling when the skin is stretch. The collagen is in a bundle form, and once stretched, the bundles tear apart.

When you notice new marks on your skin, you are seeing the torn apart collagen.

Gaining or losing weight over a long period will reduce your chances of stretch marks. If you go through a drastic weight change in a shorter period however, your risk is increased.

Those with naturally thick skin are less likely to suffer from stretch marks. This is because their skin is typically more elastic and can adapt your weight changes easier. Men are also able to get stretch marks, so don’t be afraid to share this information!

How Do Stretch Marks Go Away?

You’ve probably typed, “do stretch marks go away” in your google history many times, and some remedies seem to help, but not all.

Stretch marks may not be able to fully go away, but there are types of treatment available that can practically make them disappear.

Laser Treatment and cosmetic surgery can both be used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. However, this can become costly and is typically used for extreme cases.

Many companies have stretch mark cream and other skincare products that can help make marks disappear. Drinking water and applying coconut oil can help reduce them as well.

Some people claim that having a diet including lots of omega 3s can prevent stretch marks because the fatty acids help the skin stay nourished.

Other Tips and Remedies

Besides surgeries and expensive treatments, there are many natural ways to reduce stretch marks on your skin.

Many people claim that using body bronzer can help reduce the appearance of them quickly. Be sure to buy one with vitamins and oils to help keep your skin moisturized. Some people also use makeup to cover up spots that may be noticeable and unwanted.

One of the best remedies for stretch marks is vitamin E.

Applying vitamin E oil or lotion to the affected areas can help repair scar tissue and leave skin looking brand new!

Retinoid creams are an excellent option to go with, they specifically target damaged areas from stretch marks. Retinoid works by producing more collagen and is often used for its anti-aging properties.

Eating the proper amounts of fruits and vegetables is highly recommended. They are filled with a variety of nutrients that the skin needs and can help your recovery time go quicker.

What to Avoid

Not all skin is the same and some people are less likely to get stretch marks, but what should be avoided for everyone who doesn’t want these marks?

The sun’s UV exposure is one of the worst things you can do to affected areas. The skin is more likely to burn and needs extra protection from the sun. Using sunscreen and keeping stretch marks out of the sun can make them less visible and irritated.

It is recommended to avoid scented oils and creams, as they can cause an allergic reaction and inflame the stretch marks.

Being dehydrated can also increase your chances of getting stretch marks or making them worse. Your skin needs water to repair itself and without proper hydration, you won’t be able to recover.

Be Confident in Your Skin

One of the biggest questions a woman may ask in her lifetime is “do stretch marks go away?”

Although they may symbolize life, many women don’t enjoy seeing them on their bodies. Utilizing the tips from above can help you better understand these marks and how to avoid them.

There are many things that you can do to lower your risk of getting stretch marks. Don’t be afraid to embrace your body though, you are beautiful and should never be ashamed of these marks!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.