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Don’t Let a Single Incident Ruin Your Lawn

Whether you spend big money on keeping your lawn green or you just make sure it’s mowed, your lawn is an asset to your home.  Unfortunately, that asset can turn into a liability really fast. What’s worse, these mistakes could be prevented if you knew the questions to ask and the precautions to take.

Renovations Don’t Have to Ruin the Grass

You may expect that renovations will cause some problems outside your home.  That’s true. However, that doesn’t have to include permanent damage to your grass. You can and should discuss your yard with your contractor and find out how it will be protected. After all, avoiding a lawn problem is much cheaper than fixing it.

Contractors already know what machines and trucks will be coming to your house. They just need to discuss it with you.  They can explain how these vehicles will access the part of the house under renovation.  You can help the contractor decide how to avoid your flower beds and other expensive plantings. Furthermore, you can request that the contractor use access mats to protect your grass.   

A temporary roadway prevents the truck’s wheels from churning up the grass.  While the grass may start to die off under the mats, it is simply becoming dormant. When the mats are picked up, there’s a good chance that the grass will come back to life. This saves you the problem of replanting grass seed or buying expensive turf.

Tree Cutters Shouldn’t Ruin Your Yard

When a tree cutting crew shows up to cut branches or cut down a tree, you have every right to ask what they are doing to respect your other trees, your plantings, and your lawn.  You can help them choose the best path to drive their truck to the tree that needs work.  Furthermore, you can request that they put down access mats to make sure that the lawn still looks good at the end of the day.  You should also make clear you expect them to clean up after themselves, removing the limbs and debris.

Utility Companies Should Provide Service Not Destroy the Lawn

Your water, electricity, cable and internet are all reasons that you may have a visit from a utility company or contractor. This could be an electrician installing wires or a plumber digging a trench. It may be the cable or internet service that needs to drive across the lawn. Whatever the case, you may need to assert yourself at the beginning of the interaction to prevent them from ruining your lawn.  You can help them plan the route they will take to reach their destination. You can assist on access mats for driving across the lawn. 

Partying or Parking Must Be Done with Care 

You are planning a big outdoor event at your house. It could be a celebration, a family reunion or just the event of the season. Party-goers will be walking all over your lawn.  To prevent damage, you should put up small signs reminding guests not to walk through flower beds and other plantings.  Available for rental, access mats protect the grass and make life nice for your guests in high heel shoes. Access mats also let your guests park on the lawn without sacrificing the turf in the process.

Keeping an eye out for preventable threats like these can save your lawn.  Insisting on yard protection will also protect your wallet from having to pay for restoration and replanting.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.