The Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating with Mirrors

For ages, mirrors have served as one of the most versatile tools when it comes to decorating properties. No doubt about that; mirrors aren’t only good for the closet, but they can also function as attractive decor accessories and work in a number of ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of the interior. If done properly, decorating with mirrors can be the perfect way to add class and character to your place. From gilt-edged frames, antique pieces with ornate, to stylishly sleek wall-to-wall reflectors, there’s a lot that you can do with mirrors.

If you are ready to decorate with mirrors here are some of the do’s and don’ts that you should know.

10 Pointers for Decorating with Mirrors

1. DO Create a Focal Point in the Room
Mirrors could be used to create a point emphasis in a room. What does this mean? Basically, if positioned in the right place, it could create focus on any part of the home. Do this right and you’re 1 step closer to a beautiful interior. It’s no doubt that it’s always easier advertising a rental that is nicely decorated so let’s get this right. As a rule of thumb, large mirrors should be placed about 3-6 inches above the furniture pieces or decor elements that you want to put emphasis on. This could be above the bed or console tables. On the other hand, smaller mirrors should be placed roughly at eye level, and if you want to add glamour to your place, statement mirrors would do the trick.

2. DO Accessorize the Walls
By grouping mirrors of different sizes; you will be able to decorate accent walls. Not just that, the brightness and shine of these mirrors would also add sparkle to your dull wall, which will make it look more attractive. Don’t be afraid to use mirrors of different shapes and frames as these would pull of a collector’s look.

3. DO Use Small Mirrors to Create Visual Interest
Mirrors are capable of altering the view of any space, as it could give an illusion that the area is larger. That is why large mirrors are ideal if you want to give an illusion of both space and depth, but in order to create visual interest the use of three to five smaller mirrors will do the trick.

4. DON’T Randomly Hang Mirrors Around the House
Usually, it could be tempting to use mirrors to fill up the empty spot on the wall, but refrain from doing so. If you really want to, you have to make sure that it would reflect something worth looking at, such as a nice view and not your clutter.


5. DO Use Mirrors to Add Character to a Space
A full-length mirror could instantly turn a dull space into something more lively and inviting. For rooms that have no bare walls, a large mirror with an ornate frame could give it an appealing personality. Likewise, you can also strategically place the mirror so that it would reflect interesting elements, such as the view of your accent wall.

6. DO Consider Strategic Placement
If you hang a mirror opposite a painting, this would reflect the image and emphasize the painting. Aside from being beautiful, mirrors could also mask the problems, such as poor lighting and inadequate space– thanks to their silvery coloration and reflective powers.

7. DON’T Hang Mirrors on the Ceiling
This would seem obvious, but it is still a good reminder. Never hang a mirror on a ceiling, as this is not pleasant at all.

8. DO Notice the Colors
When using large mirrors it’s important that you consider the color of the adjacent walls, because it will be intensified. For example, a particularly dark hue on the walls would emit a stronger blue tint due to the mirror’s reflection. On the other hand, gray marble and white beige would add sparkle in the bathrooms. This combination is perfect for bathrooms.


9. DO Use Picture Hangers
Instead of using a wire, separate picture hangers are more ideal. These should be placed on both sides of the back of the frame. Additionally, the hangers would also keep the mirror flat to the wall, while a wire could cause the mirror to hang at an angle and affect the reflection.

10. DON’T Be Afraid of Dirty Mirrors
Contrary to popular belief, not all mirrors should be perfectly clean. For example, antique mirrors, such as mercury glass could actually soften the harshness of a reflection and it could even add an on-world charm to the room.

As long as you know where to put your mirrors, rest assured that it would make your place look bigger, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing. Follow these tips mentioned above, and you’ll have the perfect home!

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