Driver’s Little Helper: Saving Kids’ Lives in the Backseat of the Car

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Driver's Little Helper

Unrestrained children account for nearly 170,000 car injuries each year, some of them fatalities, and heatstroke is the number one cause of non-crash, vehicle-related deaths of children. An additional 37 children die annually from being left in a car. For a while this summer, it seemed there were news report every week of another child being left in a car. It became an epidemic in the eyes of society. Accidents happen, and this is something that can easily be prevented.

Driver’s Little Helper, a new stand-alone smartphone-enabled car seat system, monitors temperature, movement and arrival. The system alerts parents and caregivers if:

  • a child escapes the car seat
  • the temperature inside the car gets too hot or cold
  • a child is left in the seat for several minutes after the vehicle has stopped moving

Available for iPhone and Android devices, the Driver’s Little Helper app communicates with a sensor inside the car seat to send the phone alerts. If the driver doesn’t respond to the alerts, the system can be configured to send messages to other designated emergency contacts.

Driver's Little Helper Car Seat Safety

Driver’s Little Helper, which retails for $79.99, can be used on any car seat and is available at This is a great price considering other car seats and monitors range between $150 and $300!

The Driver’s Little Helper kit includes a pad that fits between the car seat molding and the fabric cover; a battery-powered monitor with batteries included; an instructional sheet; as well as stickers for the child, and a storybook, titled Dino Ryder. I really believe they thought of everything with this kit. I love that it is non-intrusive to the child and they will never even know it’s there! The book is a cute touch.

Driver's Little Helper Car Safety

Find out more about the app by watching the video below:

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