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Easy DIYs For Every Room

Image credit – Pixabay

House fatigue is a real problem – you’ve been living somewhere for a while, and you love it, but you know it so well now that it’s all become a bit… boring. Just like a stalled relationship, this stagnation can feel like it’s ruining an otherwise wonderful aspect of your life – but just like a relationship, there are some simple steps you can take to reignite your love for your home, and make it feel like a fresh new start. Now, no one (unless you’re a billionaire) has the budget to completely renovate their house every couple of years – and you probably wouldn’t want to, either! It is home after all, and some stability is good for you. Instead, here are some relatively easy DIY activities you can undertake in each room of your home that can completely rejuvenate your spaces without spending millions, or hiring anyone in to do it for you.


If your kitchen is feeling a bit tired, overused and underappreciated, the best way to make it feel brand new again is new countertops! How many times have you walked past a showroom, seen those beautiful marble, stone and wooden surfaces and thought ‘if only my kitchen looked like that’. Well, that might not be as impossible as it seems. It’s a relatively big project, but making your own countertops is a brilliant DIY idea, and will save so much more money than hiring someone to do it all for you. If that feels a bit too overwhelming, consider giving your cupboard doors a makeover, with painting, polishing and statement doorknobs


Soft furnishings are everything in a bedroom, and these are a good thing to focus on for an easy DIY project with massive potential. If you’re handy with a knitting needle, consider buying some thick wool and making a throw or blanket to give your bed a rustic vibe. New curtains are also a fabulous way to spruce up any bedroom; simply get hold of a beautiful piece of material, some backing and some eyelets that fit your curtain rail, and get sewing! If you’re not comfortable with sewing or needlework, then an even easier idea is some simple furniture rearranging. Get that bed facing a different direction, and change the entire feng shui of your room.


Tiling! Tiling is the ultimate way to make a bathroom go that extra mile – and it’s super easy to do by yourself. Even better, the nature of tiles means your design options are super flexible. Consider wall tiles or ceiling tiles, and go for a blank spread with statement patterned tiles dotted around – or go all out and have a patterned bonanza in your bathroom!

Living Room

The living room is where you can really indulge your artistic side, and go all out on the decoration and DIY ideas to really put your individual stamp on the room. Bookshelf inserts are massively popular right now, and are a fun arty project that will add a huge amount of character and interest to your living room. If you don’t have a bookshelf, then consider looking at some artwork to hang on the walls and bring them to life! You can find some cheap and beautiful old paintings by scouring the charity shops (or painting them yourself!) and they offer a host of possibilities to change the atmosphere of the room as often you like by rearranging them and replacing them whenever you want.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.